Williamson County Enrichment Center

The Williamson County Enrichment Center will be the site of the Heritage Foundation's fifth annual Preservation Symposium & Preservation Awards Saturday.

The fifth annual Preservation Symposium & Preservation Awards are being held Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Williamson County Enrichment Center as part of the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County’s commemoration of National Preservation Month.

This year’s theme, "Perspectives in Preservation,” features nationally known speakers discussing historical preservation’s impact on communities, especially at the intersection of commerce, history, education and advocacy. Keynote speakers are Cashion Drolet, chief advocacy officer for the Historic Charleston Foundation; Kim Trent, historic real estate finance specialist and former executive director for Knox Heritage; and University of Mississippi anthropologist and professor Jodi Skipper.

"For 55 years, the preservation advocacy of the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County transcends places and stories connected to our cultural heritage,” Rachael Finch, senior director for Preservation, Education, and Advocacy, said in a press release.

“ ‘Perspectives in Preservation’ will highlight national, regional and local trends on multiple perspectives on history, culture, advocacy, architecture, smart growth and development that connects with people from all walks of life.

“We will also have a roundtable comprised of leaders from local and state historic organizations discussing ongoing projects and preservation advocacy.” 

Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation surrounding preservation initiatives in Williamson County and Tennessee.

The preservation team also plans to unveil the 2022 Sites to Save nominees at the event as well as the annual Preservation Award winners. Sites to Save is an annual list of historic places in Williamson County that are vulnerable to demolition, development or neglect. The Preservation Awards recognize rehabilitation, restoration, preservation, and craftsmanship of residential and commercial structures that complement the historic character of Williamson County. 

For decades, the Heritage Foundation has recognized preservation projects and individuals who made significant contributions within the field of historic preservation. Click here to nominate someone for a preservation award.

"Community educational programming has been the heart of our mission for many years at the Heritage Foundation,” said Bari Beasley, president and CEO of Heritage Foundation.  “We are excited to expand our vision this year to grow our educational offerings to continue to serve both children and adults in our community. 

“The Symposium, now in its fifth year, is one of many great examples of outstanding annual programming in historic preservation offered to the community by the Heritage Foundation.”

Visit here for ticket information for the Preservation Symposium & Awards.

The Preservation Symposium is supported by The Harpeth Hotel and Twine Graphics.

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