Hermitage art

Hermitage Cafe

Hermitage Café — a downtown institution beloved for its late-night hours, retro space and down-and-dirty breakfast menu — is closing.

The owners of the quirky Rutledge Hill diner have posted the following message on their Facebook page.

“We know there are some posts about the diner closing. We will give an official statement next week. We were handed the news recently ourselves. So bare with us at this time. We are trying to handle this news ourselves. Thank you.”

The Post was unable to contact the owners of the business, and it is unclear what the phrasing “We were handed the news recently ourselves” means. The suggestion could be that the landlord has informed the owners of a tenant change.

Despite multiple local media reports noting the business will cease operations in October (see Channel 2's here), the cafe's owners have not specifically referenced a "closing."

The owner of the building, located at 71 Hermitage Ave., is an LLC based in Cleveland, Ohio, and affiliated with GBX. That entity is unrelated to the owners of the restaurant business. According to its website, GBX specializes in preserving historic properties.

Opened since at least the 1970s (the exact date is unclear), the diner was renovated in 2015 for Food Network’s American Diner Revival. Its old-school, classic greasy spoon vibe has made the business popular with locals and visitors to Nashville alike.

Hermitage Café has long operated from 10 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. seven days per week.