Kiara Danye Henderson mug

Kiara Danye Henderson

A Hermitage woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to second degree murder in a 2018 overdose death that killed a Brentwood man. 

Kiara Danye Henderson, 31, pleaded guilty to the felony charge on Dec. 20, the same day that a jury trial was scheduled to begin, while a charge of the sale of heroin was dropped as part of the plea agreement. 

The victim, 26-year-old Jacob Gormsen, died of an overdose in January 2018 at his General Macarthur Drive home, and Henderson was indicted on the charges in May 2018 following a Brentwood Police Department investigation. 

Assistant District Attorney Carlin Hess said that this is the first overdose death that has led to a successful second degree murder conviction in the state’s 21st Judicial District, following a recent change in the state law that allows dealers to be charged with murder following an overdose death.

“If you’re purchasing drugs on the street, regardless in this day and age of what your drug of choice is, whether it’s heroin or adderall or oxymorphone, whatever it is, what we’re seeing with this rise of fentanyl being cut into all these drugs and making their way into our communities, you’re taking your life into your hands and you really are playing roulette with your life every single time you go out and purchase a drug,” Hess said. Hess added that anyone who sells drugs that lead to someone’s death, whether they know fully what they’re selling or not, will be charged with murder.