American flags Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club

On Friday members of the Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club displayed 110 American flags on Franklin Road, which will stay up through Memorial Day.

Longtime-exchange club member Edith Johnston said in a phone call that the flag program has taken place for more than 30 years.

“It’s promoting what’s so important about our country, it’s patriotism, it’s having a value for what people have gone through to preserve our liberties,” Johnston said.

The Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club is a service organization that has been serving the Brentwood community for over 60 years and picked up the flag display tradition after the original Brentwood Exchange Club disbanded.

For more information about the Hillsboro-Brentwood Exchange Club prospective members can contact To learn more about joining, you can contact Edith Johnston by email at [email protected].