Kailey Cornett

Kailey Cornett

The longtime CEO of Hope Clinic for Women, Renee Rizzo, is stepping down from her role after 18 years.

The faith-based women’s health clinic has tapped Kailey Cornett to fill the position, after serving as the development director since 2019.

Established in 1983, the clinic primarily serves women and families facing unplanned pregnancy, with an operating budget of $1.3 million coming mostly from local donations. Their services span from prevention education, pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillborn, infant death, adoption and abortion) and postpartum depression, according to a press release.

Cornett has been working for pregnancy centers for more than 10 years, with a background in private equity and tech. She was an operations consultant and market analyst for K1 Operations prior to moving to Nashville in 2018, when she was hired on as a development coordinator at the Adventure Science Center while simultaneously working as a strategic product consultant for a California work management software firm.

In her short tenure with Hope Clinic for Women, the clinic exceeded its fundraising goals and established a monthly giving program while navigating the impacts of the pandemic.

In the release, Rizzo said: “I am confident that Kailey has a deep understanding of Hope Clinic’s successful history. She will bring incredible ideas of how to continue the mission, while staying relevant and engaging clients even more.”