Rebekah Jones

Growing up in Williamson County, my two biggest passions were my home and writing — any writing I could get my hands on. Short stories, novels, newspapers and poems.

As I got older, my love for my home remained and I was fortunate enough to enjoy my other passion in a professional setting as the Assistant Editor at Home Page Media Group, now the Williamson Home Page.

From human interest pieces to local business stories, Williamson Home Page has accomplished something that I respect more than many things in a news source: caring about the people and the community it serves. 

Which brings me back to home. This publication, to me, explores and uplifts one of the things I cherish most. From shops on the Franklin Square, to Lipscomb Elementary where I once attended, to the roads I’ve driven since I got my license, we cover it all.

Recently, our reporters have been tirelessly researching and writing about COVID-19, which has already made a large impact on our community. As with many businesses and publications all over the country, Williamson Home Page has lost a significant amount of revenue due to the pandemic. We need your help now more than ever so that we can continue to publish what’s important to those who are important to us.

When you become a Home Page Community member, you ensure that our reporters can continue write about local meetings, new businesses, upcoming weather, human interest pieces and more. You ensure that Williamson Countians can be well informed and updated not only during this time of uncertainty, but in the years to come. By investing in us, we can continue to invest in you.

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Thank you,

Rebekah Jones | Assistant Editor