The number of Williamson County Schools students with a confirmed positive case of the coronavirus more than doubled from last week, according to the district’s weekly report shared through InFocus and on the WCS website.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 57 students are in isolation with a confirmed positive case, up from last week’s number of 26. A total of 579 students are in quarantine due to exposure to a positive case, an increase of 141 over last week’s count.

Staff numbers dropped a bit over the previous seven days. Ten staff members are in isolation with a confirmed case, down from 11 last week. And 28 are in quarantine, compared to 44 last week.

WCS releases updated numbers every Tuesday.

For COVID-19 cases in 5-18 year old children, the State Department of Health has information posted on its website. Case numbers for previous weeks are available on the WCS COVID-19 page.

Schedule change next Tuesday

Middle and high school students who are not participating in the scheduled 12th grade ACT or scheduled practice standardized assessments on high school campuses will have an asynchronous day Tuesday, Sept. 22. 

On this day, students not involved in the scheduled on-campus assessments will complete assignments from home as delivered from their classroom teachers through Schoology, according to InFocus.

Buses will run their normal routes and schedules for bus riders who will be on campus for scheduled assessments and for those who are traditionally learning on-campus during remote learning.

Teachers not participating in the administration of assessments will spend the day collaborating and in professional development as they adjust their teaching methods and course work delivery to best teach students during this pandemic.

“We continue to work toward the goal of providing the best educational experience for our students,” Secondary Assistant Superintendent Leigh Webb said through InFocus. “An important piece of that work is providing time for our teachers and staff to prepare lessons for students, whether they are teaching on campus, remotely due to a quarantine situation, and/or delivering WCS Online instruction. 

“We are asking our education professionals to teach in ways they never have before, and they simply need more time to prepare, learn, adjust and provide the best education possible to our students.” 

This day will serve as a pilot, and the school system will evaluate the day’s effectiveness.

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