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JUNE 2, 2020


8013 Lipscomb Court, Brentwood, Brenthaven; Buyer: Leeann and Christopher Paul Bragg; Seller: Madison A and John R Cowan; $640,000.

9252 Lehigh Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Keith Schumacher; Seller: Tetiana and Mark Gegenwarth; $605,000.

1911 Parade Drive, Brentwood, Traditions; Buyer: Nicole and Matthew Digiacobbe; Seller: Old South Construction of TN LLC; $1,366,864.

9254 Lehigh Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Keith Schumacher; Seller: Holt Witherspoon LLC; $625,000.

1459 Crimson Clover Court, Brentwood, Courtside at Southern Woods; Buyer: Brittany O and Nicholas A Piegari; Seller: Susan and Carl Osborne III; $578,000.

1919 Parade Drive, Brentwood, Traditions; Buyer: Katie Marie and Marc Adam Lobliner; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $1,322,563.

9267 Fordham Drive, Brentwood, Witherspoon; Buyer: Legend Homes LLC; Seller: Holt Witherspoon LLC; $306,720.

5181 Remington Drive, Brentwood, Princeton Hills; Buyer: Carol and James Bryson Living Trust; Seller: John R Roberts; $1,307,500.

1108 Chelsey Court, Brentwood, Hillview Estates; Buyer: Jeanette L Maccallum; Seller: Jeanna B and George W Boulware; $755,000.


8246 Heirloom Boulevard, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Carla and David Birdsall; Seller: Heidi and Peyman Saidizand; $1,090,000.

8620 Hawkins Road, College Grove; Buyer: Ava and Adam Pogue; Seller: Carolyn Sue and Claude Houston Sanders Jr; $625,000.

6834 Chatterton Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Farms; Buyer: Christie and Kyle A Huggins; Seller: McDaniel Farms Partners LLC; $905,000.

6691 Edgemore Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Jess and Jamie Levens; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $633,233.

7549 DeLancey Drive, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Abbey and Paul Watkins; Seller: McDaniel Estate Partners LLC; $515,478.


7477 Liberty Road, Fairview, Liberty I-840; Buyer: Melissa Ordway and Justin Michael Gaston; Seller: Sam Burgess; $132,000.

7333 Taylor Road, Fairview, Otter Creek Estates; Buyer: Valerie and Kyle Robinson; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $574,400.

7109 Harrison Drive, Fairview; Buyer: Cara and Zachary Rood; Seller: Michelle Jenkins and Susan Brasel; $480,000.

7885 Fernvale Road, Fairview, Fernvale Community Church; Buyer: Heather M and B Noel Jones; Seller: Wendy and Ronald D Campbell; $450,100.

7204 Ragland Place, Fairview, Otter Creek Springs; Buyer: Sonja C and John G Vientos; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $586,868.

7817 Willow Crest Drive, Fairview, Willow Crest; Buyer: Susan Lorraine Reigh; Seller: Habitat for Humanity of Williamson and Maury Counties Inc; $245,000.

7110 Sweetbriar Circle, Fairview, Sweetbriar Springs; Buyer: Paula J and Rodney Charles Priester; Seller: Ole South Properties Inc; $390,000.


514 Sydenham Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Cheryl L Fainacci Revocable Living Trust; Seller: Natali and Geoffrey Sansone; $405,000.

4 lots on Oglethorpe Drive, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; Seller: Stream Valley Franklin LLC; $225,124.

3224 Dark Woods Drive, Franklin, Franklin Green; Buyer: Angela and David M Toeben; Seller: Jeanne M and Nathan A Smith; $365,000.

1053 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, Moores Landing; Buyer: Howard Lee Lewis; Seller: Khristine and Oscar Olguin; $375,000.

2960 McLemore Circle, Franklin, McLemore Farms; Buyer: Katie Jane and Kyle Thomas Baldwin; Seller: Delbert V Carraher; $705,000.

4409 Ivan Creek Drive, Franklin, Ivan Creek; Buyer: Edward Scott Hudson; Seller: Debra Ann Locurto Living Trust; $1,680,000.

1143 Buckingham Circle, Franklin, Buckingham Park; Buyer: Sara and Durville Patton; Seller: Christine M and Paul E Williams; $484,900.

434 Wire Grass Lane, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Shenia and Shawn Wikoff; Seller: Katie M and Anthony R Alger; $570,000.

151 Ormesby Place, Franklin, Millgate; Buyer: Amy J and George Alan Welch; Seller: Ronald W Thomason; $377,500.

1007 Blaine Court, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Elizabeth Anne and John David Zarring; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $773,533.

2020 McAvoy Drive, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Sabrina Bleier and Timothy Spencer Parkerson; Seller: Mallard Homes LLC; $597,446.

1704 Twin Oaks Court, Franklin, Boyd Mill Estates; Buyer: Norma L and John T Kolinsnyk; Seller: Michelle and Jonathan J Rose; $319,900.

1005 Hickory Ridge Drive, Franklin, Hickory Ridge; Buyer: Joey S Marston; Seller: Shirley and Keith Mahorney; $360,000.

Vacant lot on Pinewood Road, Franklin; Buyer: Lance A Baker; Seller: Kelli S and Frank D Miller; $530,000.

Vacant lot on Waddell Hollow Road, Franklin; Buyer: Half Full Farms LLC; Seller: Laurie A and Cecil J Foley; $126,060.

279 Rich Circle, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Kristin Marie and David Manz; Seller: Boulevard Building Group LLC; $689,900.

1134 Carriage Park Drive, Franklin, Carriage Park; Buyer: Natalie and James Brashares; Seller: Mary Susan and Robert David Barker; $420,000.

407 Avon River Road, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Launa and Jeffrey Piscadlo; Seller: Schreurs Revocable Living Trust; $565,000.

321 Hughes Lane, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: April C and Jason R Wellikoff; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $1,206,882.

412 Fitzgerald Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Suzette R and Stuart D White; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $836,462.

3000 Hathaway Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Martha Lee and Jeffrey S Beckington; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $690,995.

6022 Stags Leap Way, Franklin, Stags Leap; Buyer: Mary E and Richard Hatcher; Seller: Mary and Steven Boulton; $700,000.

5191 Donovan Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Jennifer Weber and Steven Lane Kreller; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $788,330.

704 Amhearst Court, Franklin, Rogersshire; Buyer: Kaylee Daughrity and Christopher Jones; Seller: Sreelakshmi Bhimaneni and Venu Alokam; $392,900.

6031 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Stephen M Hale; Seller: Simmons Ridge Joint Venture; $416,818.

911 Downs Boulevard, Franklin; Buyer: Alabama NR Properties LLC; Seller: T & P Management LLC; $1,000,000.

109 Patrick Avenue, Franklin, Idlewood; Buyer: Try Properties; Seller: Church Faith Community Christian Missionary; $230,000.

4007 Foxglove Farm Drive, Franklin, Foxglove Farm; Buyer: Kathleen E and John D Baugh; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $623,520.

4013 Hathaway Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Deborah R and Alan D Hall; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $849,844.

3006 Hathaway Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Hillary A and Eugene J McCabe; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $658,758.

315 Mercury Drive, Franklin, Highland Gardens; Buyer: Heidi Green; Seller: The Estate of Ethelyne Jamison; $275,000.

177 Harold Court, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Laura J and Michael S Rogers; Seller: Ruth Ann and John R Peters; $595,000.


1117 Lakeview Drive, Franklin, Lakeview Commercial Park; Buyer: Trudeau Properties LLC; Seller: Juli and Alden Ned Horton III; $510,000.

North Chapel Road, Franklin; Buyer: Lori E Tesoro; Seller: Onesimo and Oscar Jaramillo; $365,000.

1529 Braden Circle, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Brandee Michelle Ress and Albert Bingfine Tsay; Seller: Rebecca and Joshua Frizzell; $470,000.

114 Delta Boulevard, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: Sara Fowler and Woodrow P Sweatt; Seller: Per Granered; $505,000.

404 Beauchamp Circle, Franklin, Avalon; Buyer: Home Network Partners Inc & Revision Homes LLC; Seller: Ilonka Harezi and Helen M Williams; $508,100.

Vacant lot on Peyt-Trinity Road, Franklin; Buyer: Little Hoss Farms; Seller: Rosemary P and Bennie Thomas Smithson; $395,000.

200 North Royal Oaks Boulevard #J2, Franklin, Jackson Place; Buyer: Julia Allen; Seller: William E Conn; $227,500.

3078 Wilson Pike, Franklin; Buyer: Lauren and Benjamin Reino; Seller: Garret D Pair; $481,000.

4251 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin; Buyer: Amy Brooke and Matthew David Walter; Seller: Cecil J Coone; $299,520.


401 Compton Lane, Franklin, Prescott Place; Buyer: Theresa Mascolo; Seller: Jackie Huynh; $238,500.

1495 Willowbrooke Circle, Franklin, Laurelbrooke; Buyer: George Monroe Hammitt III; Seller: Cheryl W Desantis; $1,689,900.

758 High Point Ridge Road, Franklin, Forest Homes Farms; Buyer: Wendy A and Douglas A Hurst; Seller: Howard L Lewis; $700,000.

1131 Stonebridge Park Drive, Franklin, Stonebridge Park; Buyer: Loulia and John M Miller; Seller: Angela L and James L Allee; $757,000.

176 Boxwood Drive, Franklin, River Rest; Buyer: John Patrick Blanchard; Seller: The Estate of Robert T Davis; $329,900.

1032 Wyndham Hill Lane, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Virginia G and Donald M Dickerson; Seller: Deborah K and Frederick A Uphoff III; $555,000.

165 St Andrews Drive, Franklin, Temple Hills; Buyer: 165 St Andrews Drive Trust; Seller: Holly R and Lee J Larson; $380,700.

201 Warwick Park Lane, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Jessica and Stephen Kruger; Seller: James P Wrye; $585,000.


2267 Kirkwall Drive, Nolensville, Burkitt Village; Buyer: Julie Nguyen Mai and Chien Mai Bui; Seller: Yazdian Development Group Inc; $509,900.

1209 Creekside Drive, Nolensville, Stonebrook; Buyer: Stephanie and Daniel Grace; Seller: Lora E and Adam Taff; $300,000.

1031 Wadeslea Lane, Nolensville, Woods at Burberry Glen; Buyer: Kimberly and Benny Jemmott; Seller: Jones Co of TN LLC; $574,540.

7205 Nolensville Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Nicholas and James Napolitano; Seller: Bruce Wollaber; $500,000.

715 Delamotte Pass, Nolensville, Telfair; Buyer: Amanda Layne and Kevin Brothen; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $737,105.

217 Belgian Road, Nolensville, Benington; Buyer: Austen Adams; Seller: Brandon Jenkins; $987,000.

588 Dunmeyer Court, Nolensville, Telfair; Buyer: Chandler and Tyson Wells Ashcraft; Seller: Celebration Homes LLC; $562,930.

100 Whitney Park Drive, Nolensville, Whitney Park; Buyer: Jackie W Brassfield Jr; Seller: Melinda and Jeffery Campbell; $535,500.


1983 Allerton Parkway, Spring Hill, Copper Ridge; Buyer: Lisa A and Matthew D Blaylock; Seller: Lauren and Brien P Fletcher; $480,000.

6008 Thrush Court, Spring Hill, Burtonwood; Buyer: Karisa J and John M Smith; Seller: Cathy Griffin Cathey; $360,000.

2724 Sutherland Drive, Spring Hill, Picketts Ridge; Buyer: CPI/Amherst SFR Program Owner LLC; Seller: MUPR 3 Assets LLC; $292,777.

2058 Autumn Ridge Way, Spring Hill, Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Jill B and Gregory L Lynch; Seller: Clark Custom Homes LLC; $669,900.

268 Mary Ann Circle, Spring Hill, Petra Commons; Buyer: Angela Harrison; Seller: Regent Homes LLC; $257,875.

1270 Baker Creek Drive, Spring Hill, Baker Springs; Buyer: Erin Walker and Alex Rudolph; Seller: Natalie and Jeffrey Graham; $270,000.

6002 Canberra Court, Spring Hill, Cherry Grove; Buyer: James B Giordano; Seller: Jill Cartelli and Gregory Lynch; $599,900.

1023 Alpaca Drive, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Taylor and Anthony R Nigretto; Seller: Enterprises LLC; $459,900.

7015 Minor Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Wades Grove; Buyer: Brady Seals; Seller: John Maher Builders Inc; $401,900.

Vacant lot on Sugar Ridge Road, Spring Hill; Buyer: Corinna Lee Brent; Seller: Bessie Watson; $41,000.

4244 North Chapel Road, Spring Hill; Buyer: Shane W Kimbrough; Seller: Simone Suzanne and Jeffrey Michael Welter; $415,000.

4052 Haversack Drive, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Marie Van Bibber; Seller: Zulema and Oscar W Harrell III; $490,000.


3081 Sassafras Lane, Thompsons Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Jennifer Gegen; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $296,230.

3008 Weeping Willow Lane, Thompsons Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Jessica L and Jeremy Brown; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $570,310.

1650 Lantana Drive, Thompsons Station, Brixworth; Buyer: Julie N and Daniel E Duff; Seller: Sabrina and Bradley Tarr; $540,000.

3903 Perkins Road, Thompsons Station; Buyer: Brandy E and Anthony J Lepetic; Seller: Donna V and Jamie S Cantrell; $555,500.

Harpeth School Road, Thompsons Station, Harpeth School Road; Buyer: Evergreen Homes LLC; Seller: Barry Tomlin; $1,000,000.

1904 Evergreen Road, Thompsons Station; Buyer: Rachel Payne and Pamela J Niedergeses; Seller: Kathy S and Charles D Payne; $280,000.

2500 Douglas Court, Thompsons Station, Cameron Farms; Buyer: Harper Brooke and Robert Lowell Coverston Jr; Seller: Lacey B and Jacob R Dyer; $349,750.

3412 Milford Drive, Thompsons Station, Tollgate Village; Buyer: Wayne Alan Parr Jr; Seller: Lennar Homes of TN LLC; $444,990.

2615 Bramblewood Lane, Thompsons Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Patricia and Nick A Baumhardt; Seller: Willow Branch Partners LLC; $470,606.

1711 Tellico Drive, Thompsons Station, Newport Crossing; Buyer: Ryan P Coll; Seller: Taylor and Anthony R Nigretto; $330,000.

1236 Annapolis Circle, Thompsons Station, Newport Crossing; Buyer: Evan Alexander Mamo; Seller: Terry R Walker; $276,100.

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