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Vacant property on Cox Road, Arrington; Buyer: Williamson County Board of Education; Seller: Beau Grayson Tucker; $4,421,000.

5810 Wagonvale Drive, Arrington, Hardeman Springs; Buyer: Jennifer Rae and Mark Timothy McBroom; Seller: Turnberry Homes LLC; $1,015,639.

6455 Cox Road, Arrington; Buyer: Billie Jean and Charles Davenport; Seller: Katherine D Cox and Reed O Neff; $475,000.

6016 Porters Union Way, Arrington, Hardeman Springs; Buyer: Julie and George Varones; Seller: Darrene and Clifford Ernst; $215,000.


1884 Barnstaple Lane, Brentwood, Morgan Farms; Buyer: Royce Fine Homes LLC; Seller: Max Daee; $299,000.

6536 Hidden Hollow Trail, Brentwood, Hidden Valley Estates; Buyer: Lonna K and David A Christie; Seller: Rebecca Long Purington; $1,310,000.

602 Northfield Lane, Brentwood, Shadow Creek; Buyer: Eunice and Wayne Blanchard; Seller: Melissa M and Russell L McBryde; $825,000.

9419 Gentlewind Drive, Brentwood; Buyer: Katherine and James Toney; Seller: Suzanne A Miller Revocable Trust; $700,000.

1090 Wilmington Way, Brentwood, The Estates of Bonbrook; Buyer: Sayena Sajadi and Shervin Shahriari; Seller: Gabrielle and Richard D Stevens; $1,505,000.

9336 Ansley Lane, Brentwood, Oakhall; Buyer: Susan Therese and Daniel Gaines; Seller: Leslie A Eckles; $935,833.

3 Winged Foot Place, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Ryan Michael Thompson; Seller: Jerry Pace Merryman and Mark Merryman; $1,225,000.

1849 Longmoore Lane, Brentwood, Taramore; Buyer: Igor Dubosarskiy; Seller: Paola and Patrick T McCartan; $1,370,000.

9624 Portofino Drive, Brentwood, Tuscany Hills; Buyer: Emily T and James C Vineyard; Seller: Cindy J Howard and William C Mixon; $1,800,000.

8319 Carriage Hills Drive, Brentwood, Carriage Hills; Buyer: Anna Jean Long-Humphrey and Seth Thomas Humphrey; Seller: Sherrie K and David Dumler; $737,000.

1796 Northumberland Drive, Brentwood, Northumberland; Buyer: Lohrasbi and Faryab Lohrasbi; Seller: Karen E and William B Hoke Trusts; $1,055,000.

214 Ennismore Lane, Brentwood, Annandale; Buyer: Dori Green Living Trust; Seller: Eve R and Glenn L Hanley; $1,450,000.

1016 Falling Leaf Circle, Brentwood, Windstone; Buyer: Rowena Dolor and Megan N Cuffe; Seller: Erin and Joel Andrew Hartel; $1,300,000.

5004 Regent Drive, Brentwood, Stonehenge; Buyer: Erica Lynn Jabr; Seller: Patricia G and William G Wilde; $690,000.

1869 Traditions Circle (includes 4 lots), Brentwood, Traditions; Buyer: Drees Premier Homes Inc; Seller: Whistler Farms LLC; $1,870,000.

5003 Country Club Drive, Brentwood, Brentwood Country Club; Buyer: Sonali Mukherjee and Ravi Vikram Shah; Seller: Thompson Family Revocable Trust; $1,292,500.

1789 MacAllan Drive, Brentwood, Glen Abbey; Buyer: Michelle Renee and Stann Maurice Rose; Seller: Mary C and Richard Hilicki; $1,415,000.

1969 Sunny Side Drive, Brentwood, Sunnyside Estates; Buyer: Monica and Bradley Belanger; Seller: Jean H and Ray E Miller; $820,000.

9302 Exton Lane, Brentwood, Annandale; Buyer: Ranel and Brian Shore; Seller: Maria Soledad Miguel Revocable Trust; $1,850,000.

1010 Berkley Drive, Brentwood, Berkley Walk; Buyer: Jenny and Jared Sciullo; Seller: Dana L and Robert P Birdson; $955,000.

9792 Jupiter Forest Drive, Brentwood, Chestnut Springs; Buyer: Mary F Basile and Nagy Aziz; Seller: Patricia A Trangenstein; $547,000.

915 Auburn Lane, Brentwood, Chenoweth; Buyer: Lindsay and Daniel Lawrence Lebreton; Seller: Emma Lee and William Hoyt Lance Trusts; $850,000.

1211 Round Grove Court, Brentwood, Cartwright Close; Buyer: Trace Construction Inc; Seller: Tammy Williams; $2,450,000.

9728 Amethyst Lane, Brentwood, Woodlands at Copperstone; Buyer: Christine B and Scott Hamilton Andrews; Seller: Amy and Jacob Whipp; $875,000.

7 Medalist Court, Brentwood, Governors Club; Buyer: Aspen Construction LLC Trust; Seller: The Estate of Stacey R Stevens; $400,000.

1439 Plymouth Drive, Brentwood, Brentwood South; Buyer: Meredith Meyer and Adam Vodofsky; Seller: Kimberly and Louis York; $800,000.


7349 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Hideaway at Arrington; Buyer: SFBH LLC; Seller: Sixstringdream Trust; $2,900,000.

7053 Balcolm Court, College Grove, McDaniel Estates; Buyer: Amber and Joel Kellen; Seller: McDaniel Estate Partners LLC; $580,722.

7541 Whiskey Road, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: EF Adventures LLC; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $1,700,000.

7266 Harlow Drive, College Grove, Troubadour; Buyer: Beinke Builders LLC; Seller: Arrington Property Holdings LLC; $1,200,000.

8775 Belladonna Drive, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Cocobear Inv Co LLC; Seller: TVG Tennessee I LLC; $128,250.

7093 Sky Meadow Drive, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Anthony Aramini; Seller: NVR Inc T/A Ryan Homes; $615,525.

8221 Horton Highway, College Grove; Buyer: Jennifer and Austin Colby; Seller: J Michael Cude; $1,999,999.

8831 Drosera Circle, College Grove, The Grove; Buyer: Bonnie and Paul Brust; Seller: Rhodora Bertuso and Kurt Alan Steward II; $320,000.

7060 Crimson Leaf Lane, College Grove, Falls Grove; Buyer: Mahaley Sultana Hessam and Ravi Vasant Patel; Seller: Michael Edward McGraw; $751,000.


324 Highway 96 North, Fairview; Buyer: Juana Galindo Padron and Jose Armando Torres; Seller: Keshia M and Daylan Davis; $107,000.

7112 Triple Crown Lane, Fairview, Heartland Reserve; Buyer: Stacy N Beaulieu-Fawcett and Jeffrey W Fawcett; Seller: Tiffany Nicole and Ralph Kenneth Cox III; $620,000.

7421 Les Hughes Road, Fairview; Buyer: Amanda M Dial; Seller: Elizabeth Vaught; $337,000. 


612 Hampton Court, Franklin, Forrest Crossing; Buyer: Summer Kathleen and Matthew Michael Carlton; Seller: Beth Ann Spallinger; $592,000.

2944 McLemore Circle, Franklin, McLemore Farms; Buyer: Samantha and Wesley Sellers; Seller: Susan F and Kristin N Zwycewicz; $1,095,000.

860 Lewisburg Avenue, Franklin; Buyer: Deborah D Miller; Seller: Keith Miller; $262,750.

860 Lewisburg Avenue, Franklin; Buyer: Ellett LLC; Seller: Deborah D Miller; $445,000.

1261 Carriage Park Drive, Franklin, Carriage Park Condos; Buyer: Erica Dawn and Nicholas Charles Triola; Seller: Sean Darnell; $275,000.

932 West Main Street, Franklin; Buyer: Laura Bethany and William Ross Blackburn; Seller: Leslie and Keith Davis; $2,399,000.

919 Horizon Drive, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Cassie O and Stephen E Laratta; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $726,145.

235 Fitzgerald Street, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Leanna and Sean Sullivan; Seller: Jason Michael Drewelow; $800,000.

513 Cairnview Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Kimberly R and Truance W Pierson; Seller: Kathleen M and Daniel L Cox; $670,000.

1605 Callie Way Drive, Franklin, Callie; Buyer: Kelley Shannon and Darin Keith Rutledge; Seller: Paul Owen; $600,000.

300 Connelly Court, Franklin, Reid Hill Commons; Buyer: Colleen L Coomer; Seller: Mary M and Stephen H Ballard; $489,000.

509 Cobert Lane, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Shirley N Shelton; Seller: Kelly Gilfillan; $605,000.

4451 Harpeth School Road, Franklin; Buyer: 69.7 Harpeth School Road LLC; Seller: Gary Frank Marlin; $1,700,000.

1375 Hunter Road, Franklin, Greer; Buyer: Elisabeta and Constantin Gheorghe; Seller: Latresa G and Fred J Duke Jr; $1,150,000.

404 Blakely Court, Franklin, Redwing Farms; Buyer: Sanela Bajrektarevic and Admir Cehaic; Seller: The Estate of Evelyn V Longcrier; $550,000.

232 Karnes Drive, Franklin, Polk Place; Buyer: Kelli and Timothy Jordan Davis; Seller: Ann F and Ronald J Kegarise; $510,000.

153 Sontag Drive, Franklin, Polk Place; Buyer: Sara Dalessio and Shane McCarthy; Seller: Edita Joksiene and Valentinas Joksas; $651,203.

3019 Gracious Drive, Franklin, Simmons Ridge; Buyer: Staci Jo McNeely; Seller: Christine and Jason Philibotte; $446,000.

209 Century Court, Franklin, Century Industrial Park; Buyer: A B Family LP; Seller: Barnhill Holdings LLC; $2,040,000.

4505 Hyannis Court, Franklin, Delta Springs; Buyer: Marla and Daniel Filippi; Seller: Crystal L and Eric W Iseldyke; $910,000.

308 Liebler Lane, Franklin, Lockwood Glen; Buyer: Laura Novak and Michael King; Seller: Mallard Homes LLC; $644,600.

913 Horizon Drive, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Lynne B and Joseph F Wynne; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $834,585.

2018 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: SLC Homebuilding LLC; Seller: Westhaven Partners LLC; $199,900.

900 Horizon Drive, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Marilyn Green and David R Larach; Seller: SLC Homebuilding LLC; $833,405.

706 Jasper Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Suphatta and Kyle Gilbreath; Seller: Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC; $1,018,330.

668 Springlake Drive, Franklin, Willowsprings; Buyer: Deborah and Ronald Penir Family Trust; Seller: Angela and Paul Digioviani; $700,000.

1429 Westhaven Boulevard, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Heather Lynn and Donald Jay Hanson; Seller: Kelly and Edward Brent Dougherty; $2,150,000.

183 Barlow Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Gurjeet K Dhindsa; Seller: Chanell and Carl J Branch; $760,000.

983 Hornsby Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Ashley and Kyle Aaron Donahoe; Seller: Staci Jo and Marvin M Smith; $840,000.

402 Granville Road, Franklin, Orleans Estate Condos; Buyer: Music City Holdings LLC; Seller: Thack II LLC; $170,000.

109 Bluebell way, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Lisa Dawn Asselin and Stephen Lamphere Beckham; Seller: Amanda G Pitts; $455,000.

5904 Shelby Lane, Franklin, Taylor Ridge Estates; Buyer: David Roehrig; Seller: Janice and John Waddell; $1,150,000.

437 William Wallace Drive, Franklin, Sullivan Farms; Buyer: Lauren and Jon Baumgarten; Seller: Erin and Jared Ronald Johnson; $636,000.

2301 Corinne Court, Franklin, Durham Manor; Buyer: Rebekah and Joshua Weikers; Seller: Nanette and Robert A Stewart; $1,059,000.

193 Acadia Avenue, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Kristal F David and John C Turner Jr; Seller: Douglas D Kendrick; $750,000.

217 Oxford Drive, Franklin, Idlewood; Buyer: Prop by T & J LLC; Seller: Sheila B and David G Pennington; $260,000.

402 Granville Road, Franklin, Orleans Estate Condos; Buyer: Nashrent LLC; Seller: Music City Holdings LLC; $173,000.

1101 Downs Boulevard #G102, Franklin, Hardison Hills; Buyer: Nancy Czeslawski-Perez and Raul Perez; Seller: Flavia Martinez; $250,000.

507 South Margin Street, Franklin, Clouston Park; Buyer: Leslie J and George C Allan; Seller: Canaday Family Revocable Trust; $20,000.

609 Boyd Mill Avenue #5, Franklin, Regency Square Condos; Buyer: Olivia Mills; Seller: Amy Burns Wylie; $350,000.

3134 Bush Drive, Franklin, Spencer Hall; Buyer: Rebecca and Samuel Doughty; Seller: Margaret H and James S Levins; $450,000.

530 Beamon Drive, Franklin, Highlands at Ladd Park; Buyer: Juanita Louise and Ronald Bruce Calaway; Seller: Elizabeth Catherine and Andrew James Hosler; $580,000.

1101 Downs Boulevard #140, Franklin, Hardison Hills; Buyer: Lauren Eleza and Steven Orlando Jr; Seller: Raeshawn Boyd; $297,500.

1421 Eliot Road, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Rachael and Daniel Tanner; Seller: Rubenfeld TN Community Property Trust; $888,888.

152 Creekstone Boulevard, Franklin, Creekstone Commons; Buyer: Garrett Lapsys; Seller: Jamie Paticchio and Austin D Mudd; $588,000.

3026 Narrow Ford Lane, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: Meaghen and Michael Svoboda; Seller: Carol L and James L Jones; $560,000.

418 Cardel Lane, Franklin, Cardel Village; Buyer: Rosemary Lindsay and Gregory Scott Purrington; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $797,080.

2015 Rural Plains Circle, Franklin, Berry Farms Town Center; Buyer: Ashley Michelle and Jack William Segner; Seller: Tracy Adolph and Michael Schuffenhauer; $1,331,340.

2217 Oakwood Drive East, Franklin, Oakwood Estates; Buyer: Jane Courtney and Charles Beau Garrett; Seller: Elaine C and Randy G Staff; $750,000.

4000 Rural Plains Circle #104, Franklin; Buyer: Eva and Rikki Perry; Seller: Rebecca Lenora and Scott Wayne Beaulieu; $440,000.

104 Cottage Lane, Franklin, Vandalia Cottages; Buyer: Kayla Mennen Bates; Seller: Ashlyn P Meneguzzi; $480,000.

7 lots on Flowing Creek Drive, Franklin, Waters Edge; Buyer: Clayton Property Group Inc; Seller: Real Estate Solutions Group LLC; $857,000.

205 Eddy Lane, Franklin, Liberty Industrial Park; Buyer: Franklin Special School District Board of Education; Seller: Franklin 240 LLC; $5,000,000.

3012 Oglethorpe Drive, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: Emily Anne and Michael Drew Harland; Seller: Janice T Howard-Battaglia and Paul C Battaglia Jr; $576,050.

1202 Carriage Park Drive, Franklin, Carriage Park Condos; Buyer: Judith k Kiel; Seller: HI Valley Property LLC; $266,000.

1319 West Main Street #307, Franklin; Buyer: Jared A Marchman; Seller: Lisa M and John M Holzappel; $185,000.

737 Shelley Lane, Franklin, Westhaven; Buyer: Carrol Lynn and David Cassius Denure; Seller: Syble J Broyles Living Trust; $700,000.

106 Williamsburg Place, Franklin, Monicello; Buyer: Miriam B Hernandez-Arnold and Daniele Arnold; Seller: George Haynes Hoddinott III; $420,000.

Property on Old Harding Road, Franklin; Buyer: Sabalo Development LLC; Seller: Natures Way Living LLC; $2,000,000.

1037 Belamy Lane, Franklin, Stream Valley; Buyer: Susan Faulkner Zwycewicz and Kristin Zwycewicz; Seller: Nicholas Zwycewicz; $387,500.


3031 Farmhouse Drive, Franklin, Tap Root Hills; Buyer: Dori Green Living Trust; Seller: Courtney and Matthew Sinnott; $695,000.

6321 Turkey Foot Court, Franklin, Lookaway Farms; Buyer: Moody Family Revocable Trust; Seller: Partners in Building of TN LLC; $1,426,360.

500 Trotters Place, Franklin, Cedarmont Valley Estates; Buyer: Stacia Lee and Kyle John Turley; Seller: Donna J C and Daniel W Parkinson; $951,000.

6022 Saddleview Drive, Franklin, Cedarmont Valley Estates; Buyer: Ruscitto Family Trust; Seller: Billie Jean and Charles Davenport; $999,000.

3713 East McEwen Drive, Franklin; Buyer: Marion H and Mark S Cianciolo; Seller: John L Matthews; $445,000.

325 Sheffield Place, Franklin, Royal Oaks; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Yihan and Junren Wang; $611,700.

261 Freedom Drive, Franklin, Liberty Hills; Buyer: Salmon Family Revocable Trust; Seller: Jill and Mark Farber Living Trust; $526,500.

6006 Farmhouse Drive, Franklin, Tap Root Hills; Buyer: Vanessa Branco and Diego Chiarini de Faria; Seller: Patterson Company LLC; $643,510.

914 Market Street, Franklin, Amelia Park; Buyer: Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan and Srinivasan Dakshinamurthy; Seller: Shilpa and Anjireddy Revocable Trust; $604,101.

306 Tippecanoe Drive, Franklin, Village of Clovercroft; Buyer: Amber Renae Lindsey and Douglas Kirkland Hole; Seller: Mary Virginia and Philip Joseph Shelato; $685,000.

617 Huffine Manor Circle, Franklin, Andover; Buyer: Yang/Zhu Family Trust; Seller: DWTCJG LLC; $313,000.

528 Dale Court, Franklin, Liberty Hills; Buyer: William G Wilde; Seller: Becky B Gutierrez; $450,000.

3017 Westerly Drive, Franklin, McKays Mill; Buyer: Mary K and Philip B Milam; Seller: Dahl Family Trust; $807,500.

336 Dandridge Drive, Franklin, Cannonwood; Buyer: Raeshawn and Genovevo Nino Sanchez; Seller: John S Waggerner; $510,000.

3209 Chase Point Drive, Franklin, Daventry; Buyer: Sabina Vanekar and Moinudeen Syed; Seller: Pulte Homes TN LP; $873,370.


2309 Wimbledon Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Ashley and Robert Andrew Ethridge; Seller: Wheat S and Landman T Teller; $520,000.

416 Stable Drive, Franklin, Cottonwood Estates; Buyer: Julia Lindsay Mahan and Joshua Lee; Seller: Beverly and Thomas Mahan Living Trust; $450,000.

115 Troon Court, Franklin, Temple Hills; Buyer: Leigh Ann and Ronald O Taylor; Seller: Amy C and Howard D McInvale; $483,500.

133 Featherstone Drive, Franklin, Battlewood Estates; Buyer: Ruth E Harris; Seller: Kurt Hamel; $710,000.

2249 Hillsboro Road, Franklin; Buyer: Craig Self; Seller: ARB Revocable Living Trust; $435,000.

1427 Willowbrooke Circle, Franklin, Laurelbrooke; Buyer: Leslie P and Keith B Davis; Seller: Carol C and Michael A Gambill; $1,503,000.

733 Sneed Road West, Franklin; Buyer: Janet and John Moran; Seller: Wilma D and Joseph V Lanier; $800,000.

1000 Natchez Road, Franklin, Montpier Farms; Buyer: Paula Ilabaca and Douglas McGowan; Seller: Michael H Ochs; $590,000.

154 Stanton Hall Lane, Franklin, Prescott Place; Buyer: Laura Ann Ziegler; Seller: Candice Mallas; $373,000.

124 Crestfield Place, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Bryan Young; Seller: Sara E Cummings Trust; $418,000.

2268 North Berrys Chapel Road, Franklin; Buyer: Jennifer Hawkins and William Clifton Durrey; Seller: Robbie Jean and William J Ray Jr; $2,400,000.

415 Essex Park Circle, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Kathleen M and Laurence B Laney; Seller: Erin L and Christopher E Harris; $550,000.

821 Shadowlawn Court, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Jennifer and Tyler Hatts; Seller: Jennifer J Helm; $505,000.

105 Bromley Park Lane, Franklin, Fieldstone Farms; Buyer: Miriam Holzman-Sharman and Jason Sharman; Seller: Derek W Anderson Inter Vivos Revocable Trust; $780,000. 


308 Dobson Branch Trail, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Rebecca Ruth James; Seller: The Estate of James L Everett; $453,000.

1016 Bitticks Creek, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Jamie Manley; Seller: Audra M and Eric William Toms; $637,000.

1221 Bradshaw Lane, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Jennifer Minton and William Corey Barnes; Seller: Katherine M and James M Toney; $735,000.

4665 Sawmill Place, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Morgan Layne Wallace and Matthew Thomas Earnest; Seller: Lisa and Cecil Edmondson III; $719,900.

8825 Caswick Court, Nolensville, Burkitt Place; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Deborah L Fossett and William Howard Whittle; $613,700.

2000 Autry Drive, Nolensville, Scales Farmstead; Buyer: Jennifer Lynn and Stephen Volpetti Liput; Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc; $1,121,800.

2829 McCanless Road, Nolensville; Buyer: Annie and Nathan Robertson; Seller: Ashleigh Frazier and Thomas Campbell; $190,000.

5043 Aunt Nannies Places, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Katherine and Kennechi Udeze; Seller: Kellie E and Nicolas L Worstell; $676,000.

104 Dylan Woods Drive, Nolensville, Dylan Woods; Buyer: Harmon Home Co LLC; Seller: Chris Thomas Homes LLC; $235,000.

108 Dylan Woods Drive, Nolensville, Dylan Woods; Buyer: Harmon Home Co LLC; Seller: Chris Thomas Homes LLC; $235,000.

512 Meadow Creek Lane, Nolensville, Stonebrook; Buyer: Amanda Potts; Seller: Len Rositano Rossi; $362,000.

7728 Thayer Road, Nolensville, Enclave at Dove Lake; Buyer: Theresa E and Vincent J Grzesiak; Seller: Dalamar Homes LLC; $604,909.

4556 Sawmill Place, Nolensville, Bent Creek; Buyer: Elaine Lavoi Ganick and Kristen Lavoi Jeter; Seller: Amber and Ryan Martin; $475,000.


3008 Boxbury Lane, Spring Hill, Copper Ridge; Buyer: Marcela Toledo and Moris Mermelstein; Seller: NVR Inc; $504,435.

434 Heroit Drive, Spring Hill, Hamptons at Campbell Station; Buyer: Amy and Matthew Rampulla; Seller: Ginger Jimenez and Jehu Jimenez Lopez; $350,000.

5012 Keeley Drive, Spring Hill, Willowvale; Buyer: Carol K and Kory L Pringle; Seller: Jo Ann and Craig Richard Chovan; $470,000.

3011 Turnstone Trace, Spring Hill, Bluebird Hollow; Buyer: Clark Custom Homes LLC; Seller: Don R Cameron III D/B/A Autumn Ridge Development Co; $100,000.

4008 Gari Baldi Court, Spring Hill, Benevento East; Buyer: Jenna and Marcus Beamer; Seller: Mandy and Christopher H Young; $435,000.

2003 Brisbane Drive, Spring Hill, Cherry Grove; Buyer: Miranda and Christopher Harold Young; Seller: Robert O Crouch IV; $605,000.

3027 Boxbury Lane, Spring Hill, Copper Ridge; Buyer: Apurva Dilip Kalmegh and Sachin Kumar Gaidhane; Seller: NVR Inc; $520,985.

1038 Nealcrest Circle, Spring Hill, Buckner Crossing; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Brandi and Kevin Conklin; $522,300.

2050 Hemlock Drive, Spring Hill, Woodside Townhomes; Buyer: William E Conn; Seller: Tammy D Gibson; $240,000.

2902 Cochran Court, Spring Hill, Cochran Trace; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Michelle and Patrick Lafferty; $278,600.

1017 Lowrey Place, Spring Hill, Baker Springs; Buyer: Desiree M Snider; Seller: Kyle Greenwood; $275,000.

8007 June Apple Lane, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Jose Roberto Torres Sanchez; Seller: Rhonda S Lamb; $565,000.

4039 Haversack Drive, Spring Hill, Arbors at Autumn Ridge; Buyer: Brenda R and Troy A Shinavier; Seller: Patricia and Scott W Sharpe; $620,000.

Vacant property on Bethesda Road, Spring Hill; Buyer: Tammy L and John P Walker Jr; Seller: Bethesda Road LLC; $525,000. 


3658 Martins Mill Road, Thompson’s Station, Bridgemore Village; Buyer: James Lee Huddleston; Seller: Heidi and Levi R Heryford; $926,000.

2723 Cash Court, Thompson’s Station, Maplelawn Estates; Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I; Seller: Jessica B and Stacey Mobley; $296,400.

2500 Wellesley Square Drive, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Abbey and Brandon James Stapleton; Seller: Meghan A Hunter; $459,900.

2341 Stockwood Trail, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Ashley Darline and Travis Michaeud; Seller: Jane T and Joshua M Kile; $525,000.

2184 Loudenslager Drive, Thompson’s Station, Campbell Station; Buyer: Hillary Marie and Atlee Michael Stalker; Seller: Angela and Brian K Spencer; $487,000.

2118 Geneva Drive, Thompson’s Station, Aston Woods; Buyer: Marshal Terry Chesser; Seller: Isabel Veronica Corona Marquez and Sergio Abraham Amador; $373,000.

2712 Carena Terrace Court, Thompson’s Station, Fields of Canterbury; Buyer: Sierra and Andrew Denefe; Seller: Hood Development LLC; $520,271.

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