Connie Reguli 2022 trial

Brentwood attorney and juvenile judge candidate Connie Reguli appears during her 2022 trial in connection with a 2018 endangered child alert which led police to her home where they found a wanted mother and daughter who served as her clients.

The fallout continues for Brentwood attorney and Williamson County juvenile judge candidate Connie Reguli, with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee suspending Reguli from practicing law on Friday.

As previously reported, Reguli was convicted of facilitating custodial interference and two counts of accessory after the fact — one for harboring and one for aiding a wanted mother and daughter in 2018 which led authorities to her home.

She will be sentenced on June 24 for the misdemeanor and two Class E felonies which could result in one-to-two years in prison or a suspended probationary sentence.

She could also be disbarred or disqualified from serving as a judge. At the time of the publishing of this story, Reguli and her lawyer Paul Walwyn intend to both appeal the ruling and file a motion for a new trial.

Her sentencing hearing will take place after the May 3 primary but before the general election this August.

"Pursuant to the Order of the Supreme Court, the matter has been referred to the Board to institute formal proceedings to determine the extent of the final discipline to be imposed upon Ms. Reguli as a result of her conviction of a serious crime," a news release reads.

Reguli maintains her innocence and alleges corruption in both the state's Department of Children's Services and within the Williamson County court system, and told the Home Page on Thursday that she will continue to run for public office despite losing an endorsement and facing calls to drop out of the race.

Since her conviction on Wednesday, her Facebook page, "Connie Reguli for Juvenile Court Judge," appears to be in damage-control mode with multiple posted images from supporters of Reguli.

The Williamson Home Page will have continued coverage of Reguli's sentencing, appeal attempts and any other professional disciplinary action in the future.