k lyons AOW

Kaleb Lyons


Kaleb Lyons, son of Cherun and Marshon Lyons, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a senior at Brentwood Academy and a member of the Varsity Football Team.

One of his top highlights was during his sophomore year when he first got to play “meaningful minutes in a Varsity game.” He had six pass break-ups and three tackles. He said it was a “life-defining moment.” 

Lyons started playing football in the backyard with his brothers. At the age of 6, he started playing tackle football and realized rather quickly that it was a sport he seriously wanted to pursue. 

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “I got something to prove. I am the first athlete in my family to ever consider sports in college and I want to make a name for myself. People will know me for me and not my brother or dad who played before.”

His biggest role model in life is his brother, Kamron. He said he admires him for always finding a way to do what he wants and his independent lifestyle.

Lyons describes himself as loving, hardworking, gritty, grounded and understanding. When he’s not on the football field, he enjoys exercising, playing video games and spending time with friends.

After graduating from BA, he plans to find stability and stand on his own two feet by “following God’s plan.”