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Morgan Gilner


Morgan Gilner, daughter of Laurie and Jeff Gilner, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a senior at Brentwood High School and a member of the Varsity Football Cheerleading Team. She holds the position of flyer.

This season, Gilner said that watching the team beat Ravenwood High, as well as cheering for the Brentwood High versus Independence High playoff game, were her biggest highlights.

Gilner and her family moved to Brentwood when she was in 3rd grade. Upon starting school at Brentwood Middle, one of her teachers encouraged her to try cheerleading. “I went and spent one day working on cheer skills and I was obsessed,” she said.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “Getting better every day and little girls who look up to me on the sidelines. I always want to encourage others and being the best version of myself. I know I can be so good, so I try my hardest.”

BHS Cheerleading Coach Amanda Bisack said of Gilner, “Morgan is an excellent athlete and an extremely hard worker. She spends a lot of time in the gym beyond regularly scheduled practice times to improve her skills and excel in this sport. She is also a natural performer on the sidelines and is so fun to watch! Anyone who comes to a BHS football or basketball game will certainly see her smile from the top of the stands.” 

Gilner said some of her top role models in life are her sisters and mother. She said she admires them for their creativity, work ethic and constant love.

She describes herself as passionate, thoughtful and hardworking. When she’s not cheering, she enjoys exercising, listening to podcasts and spending time with her friends.

After graduating from BHS, she plans to continue her cheerleading career in college.

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