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Leah Hamilton


Leah Hamilton, daughter of Brandon and Natalie Hamilton, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a sophomore at Brentwood High School and a member of the Girls Softball Team.

This season, Hamilton said her biggest highlight was improving her game and moving up from being a pinch runner for Varsity players.

Hamilton credits her father as the reason she started playing softball. “My dad was a college baseball player and he wanted a boy, so here we are,” she joked. “Turns out I’m okay at this and I love playing.”

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “Just becoming mentally and physically stronger is motivation enough in training and competing.” 

BHS Softball Coach Erica Powell said of her:

She’s a sophomore who had to step into the starting lineup after a few injuries and she has been amazing. This weekend she made several great catches in the outfield, got several good hits, and with the game on the line and the winning run on base, she put down the perfect bunt to move the runner into scoring position… All of this after having never been in the starting lineup before. All the coaches and her teammates were super impressed with her ability to step in and show out!” 

One of her top role models in life is rock star Joan Jett. She said she looks up to her for her tough attitude. 

Hamilton describes herself as determined, intense and a fighter. When she’s not competing she enjoys spending her free time listening to records and watching movies with her friends.

After graduating from BHS, she hopes to pursue a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the Central Intelligence Agency.

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