m mason AOW

Marina Mason

Marina Mason, daughter of Carrie and David Mason, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a student at Brentwood High School and a member of the Softball Team. She plays the positions of pitcher and outfield. 

So far this season, she has a .600 batting average and her opponent batting average was .259. 

Mason started playing softball when she was only 6 years old after her parents signed her and her sister up to play on a rec team. “I started pitching when I was 8 and stuck with it ever since,” she said. “After doing rec for a while, I got more serious about it and started travel softball when I was 9 or 10.”

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I am very competitive and always want to be the best I can be at the things I do. This makes me push myself to want to be better than the person next to me, so I work harder to achieve that.” She added, “I also enjoy watching college players pitch so that I have goals of what I want to achieve some day.” 

BHS Softball Coach, Erica Powell, said of Mason, “She’s a freshman who got several big hits this weekend as well as pitched in some big games during our play day. With bases loaded and time expired, she hit a huge double to bring in two runs; a huge feat for a freshman!” 

Her top role model in life is her father, David. “I see how much he loves softball and being around it,” she said. “He is always willing to go throw or hit with me and he is constantly searching for opportunities that will help me become a better player. His devotion to softball inspires me to be the best I can be…”

Mason describes herself as hardworking, competitive and easy going. When she’s not competing, she enjoys traveling, baking and spending time with friends.

After graduating from BHS, she plans to play softball at the collegiate level. She said her dream would be to attend Virginia Tech University.