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Jonathan Dumez


Jonathan Dumez, son of Yordanos and Bill Dumez, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a senior at Currey Ingram Academy and a member of the Varsity Boys Basketball and Soccer teams. 

This year, Dumez said his biggest highlight was being given the chance to participate in athletics during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We may not be able to play games,” he said, “but I am thankful to still be able to participate in the sports that I love.”

Dumez started playing soccer as a way to follow in his sister’s footsteps. He said after beginning, he fell in love with the sport. He began to compete seriously in middle school and started playing travel soccer as well. With basketball, he joined as a way to get to spend time with friends.

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “My teammates and coaches inspire me. The sports I play are team sports and I recognize how important it is to focus on the whole rather than just me as an individual.”

CIA Associate Athletic Director and Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach, Reid McFadden, said of him, “I have enjoyed coaching Jonathan and have watched him grow from the first time he started playing sports for us in middle school. He is a very passionate and creative young man and I look forward to the successes he will have in the future.” 

One of his top role models is professional soccer player, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. “[He] is the person I look up to and want to be like,” Dumez said. “I am inspired by his story, how he has had to overcome so much in his life to become one of the best soccer players in the world. His focus and passion is something I want to have in my own life.”

Dumez describes himself as charismatic, outgoing, loving and caring. When he’s not competing, he likes to  play video games, spend time with family and rock climb. 

After graduating from CIA, he hopes to attend Belmont University to pursue a degree in fashion design and business analytics.

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