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Mason Starling


Mason Starling, son of Meredith and John Starling, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a freshman at Currey Ingram Academy and a member of the Golf Club.

This season, his biggest highlights were getting to know his teammates and spending time hitting on the club’s new net. He said, “I am so thankful to have a place on campus that is dedicated to golf and gives us a chance to practice our swings.”

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “I enjoy watching the PGA Tour and picking up things during tournaments that I can apply to my game. That is a level I would love to get to compete. I know there is hard work that is ahead of me to get to that level!”

CIA Head Varsity Golf Coach, Trevor McKey, said of Starling, “Mason has been the quintessential leader of the Golf Club by mentoring and providing an example for middle school golfers to follow while individually working extremely hard to further develop his own game. I am excited to see Mason take his improvements this season and incorporate them into his golf game on the course." 

One of his top role models in life is his father. “He has been my guiding voice in my life,” he said. “I want to be like him in every way possible." 

Starling describes himself as a leader and a hard worker. When he’s not in class or the golf course, he enjoys exercising, playing video games and playing with his dogs.

After graduating from CIA, he plans to go to college to pursue a career in dermatology or a related field.

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