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Eli Kersey


Eli Kersey, son of Lori and Karl Kersey, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. 

He is a senior at Currey Ingram Academy and a member of the Varsity Cross Country Team. This season, Kersey ran in the 16-mile Cumberland Plateau Stage Race. It was the longest race he had ever run and is one of his biggest accomplishments so far, he said.

Kersey said he owes it to his father, who is one of his biggest role models, for his interest in the sport. “Dad is an ultra runner,” he said. “I have always looked up to him and wanted to be a runner like him.”

When asked what inspires him to train and compete he said, “Being able to go long distance and pushing myself to go as fast and hard as possible each time I run.” 

Varsity Cross Country Coach Ryne Anderson said of Kersey, “Eli’s hard working mentality has set the tone for practice each day this season. Despite having no team races on the schedule this season due to the pandemic, Eli recently completed a 16-mile trail race and did really well! I’m proud of him for staying motivated and setting goals for himself.” 

Kersey describes himself as funny, fast, nice and compassionate. When he’s not running he enjoys playing video games and roller blading.

After graduating from Currey Ingram, he plans to go to college to study environmental science. Eventually he hopes to work as a naturalist in a park.

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