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Ava Uebelhor


Ava Uebelhor, daughter of Tony and Shelley Uebelhor, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a sophomore at Currey Ingram Academy and a member of the Girls Tennis Team.

This season, Uebelhor said getting to compete against athletes from other schools has been her biggest highlight. 

She said she started taking tennis lessons when she was younger, but over time really grew to love the sport and competing. 

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I am motivated to be the best I can be for match days. I know my teammates are relying on me to bring my best effort when we compete, so I train hard to be prepared for that moment.”

Her top role model is CIA Head Tennis Coach  Ty Avolio. “From the first time I met him he has been very caring [and] nice, and always encourages me to focus and be positive,” she said. 

Avolio said of Uebelhor, “Ava is all smiles and fun off the court, but during a tennis match she’s all business. Both sides bring out the best of her. I love the way she battles for Mustang Tennis.”

Uebelhor describes herself as congenial and funny. When she’s not competing, she enjoys swimming and spending time with friends and family.

With a couple more years to go before graduating, Uebelhor is currently undecided about her collegiate plans.