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Patrick Donelson


Patrick Donelson, son of Christina and Brendan Donelson, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a senior at Currey Ingram Academy and a member of the Varsity Boys cross country and soccer teams.

Donelson began his running career when he was at CIA’s lower school. As he’s gotten older, he said he’s truly fallen in love with fitness. “Cross country is a great outlet for me and I love using it to help stay in shape,” he said. 

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “I have learned a lot about perseverance and grit through running cross country. Coach Anderson has talked a lot about not giving up, and pushing through the hard moments in a race. I like proving to myself that I can push through and become a better runner and person through the process.” 

Head Varsity Cross Country Coach Ryne Anderson said of Donelson, “I’ve really enjoyed coaching Patrick for the past four years. I’m disappointed that he didn’t get a normal cross country season for his senior year. But he showed up to practice every day excited and ready to put in the work." 

His top role models in life are his parents. He said he is grateful for what they have done for him and the encouragement they provide. “I want to be like them and encourage others in the same way they have supported me.”

Donelson describes himself as passionate, courageous, thankful and resilient. When he’s not competing, he enjoys lifting, baking, building and playing video games.

After graduating from CIA, he hopes to go to college to pursue a career in fitness.

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