e smith AOW

Emersen Smith


Emersen Smith, daughter of Eric and Ashli Smith, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a senior at Ravenwood High School and the captain of the Varsity sideline and competitive cheerleading teams. 

Smith credits her mother, who also used to cheer, for her interest in the sport. “I also just really liked flipping around when I was little,” she added. 

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I always hold myself accountable and am determined to be a better athlete than who I was yesterday. I am driven to lead my teams to success.” 

One of her top role models in life is RHS Competitive Coach, Sarah Klippenstein. “She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to the sport,” she said. “She is so hardworking and passionate… I aspire to be her.”

RHS Cheer Coach, Haley Beeler, said of Smith, “As senior captain of her Varsity squad, Emersen has shown dedication, spirit, and is a true representation of what it means to be a Ravenwood Raptor. She leads her team on and off the sideline and is a shining member of our squad. You can’t miss her on the sideline leading and calling cheers.”

Smith describes herself as motivated and a leader. “I am motivated not only in athletics, but also in academics because I like to strive to be a good person in all areas.”

After graduating, she plans to go to college to pursue a major in biology and a minor in Chinese. After that, she wants to pursue going to medical school to become a pediatric surgeon.