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Grace Stout


Grace Stout, daughter of Chris and Stacy Stout, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a sophomore at Ravenwood High School and a member of the RHS Girls Tennis Team. She is the No. 1 spot/ seed on the team.

This season, Stout said her biggest highlight was only losing one match out of a total of 18 singles and doubles matches. She also said she felt accomplished when she came back from a 2-7 in doubles with Grace Crossley to win 9-7 against Franklin High.

She started playing tennis at the age of 9, but said she really started to get serious about the sport at the age of 13. When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing after all this time she said, “The support from my family and coaches and the goals I have set for myself.”

RHS Tennis Coach Chris Bates said of Stout, “Grace has had an impressive record only losing one singles match in arguably the most competitive district in the state. She has helped the team keep their undefeated season going into the district tournament.”

Her top role models in life are professional tennis player, Serena Williams, and former professional basketball player, the late Kobe Bryant. She said “their no excuse attitudes and their will to always keep going no matter how they feel physically and mentally” is what inspires her.

Stout describes herself as outgoing, hardworking and kind. When she’s not competing on the court, she enjoys traveling, reading, learning new languages, and spending time with friends and family.

After graduating from RHS, she plans to continue her tennis career at a Division I college.

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