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Alexis Mullendore


Alexis Mullendore, daughter of Tracy and Scott Mullendore, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a junior at Ravenwood High School and a member of the Girls Volleyball Team. She plays the position of right side hitter.

This season, Mullendore was given the chance to play six rotation, full games and in her best game, achieved 11 kills. These two accomplishments are some of her top highlights.

Mullendore started playing volleyball at the age of 9. She said before volleyball, she never quite felt like she had found her passion. “Volleyball seemed like the last possible option so I signed up for a local rec league and instantly fell in love,” she said.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I am inspired to work hard for myself and my own improvement as a player, but more importantly to train for my teammates. I always want to give my 100% effort so that my teammates feel encouraged and supported.” 

One of her top role models is former Ravenwood Raptor, Carly Cooper. “We share a similar, more reserved and quiet, personality that can sometimes be discouraging in such a chaotic sport,” she said. “However, Cooper used her personality to her strength and succeeded enormously. She is humble, hardworking and always displays sportsmanship.” 

Mullendore describes herself as hardworking, disciplined and kind. When she’s not on the volleyball court, she enjoys writing, creating, publishing original music and performing. She is first chair in the RHS Wind Ensemble and participates in multiple leadership roles in RHS clubs. In the volleyball off season, she does strength training and conditioning.

After graduating from RHS, she plans to go to a college in the northeast and pursue a career in psychology or business.

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