g stout AOW

Grace Stout


Grace Stout, daughter of Chris and Stacy Stout, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a junior at Ravenwood High School and a member of the Girls Tennis Team.

She is the No. 1 girls player for the team and the team captain. Unfortunately, Stout sustained an injury and has not been able to compete as she usually would. But she said she’s happy to be cheering on her teammates from the sidelines.

Stout said her habit of saying “no” to things is actually what got her started playing tennis. “I always said no to new things, so my parents technically forced me to pick up a racquet,” she said. “After I started to enjoy it, they took a step back and just let me do what I wanted with it. I am so grateful they are not overbearing… They support me in all that I do 100%, but I never feel any pressure from them.”

One of her top role models in life is Ally Bojzcuk, a former tennis player for The University of Notre Dame. “She is an all-around great person and I get to hit with her a lot and she has helped me tremendously,” she said. “She was coached by my current coach, Andy Veal, so that is how I got to know her.”

Stout describes herself as outgoing, passionate, perseverant and inclusive. When she’s not competing, she enjoys reading, driving, going to car meets with her friends, sunset watching, listening to the Rolling Stones and traveling. 

After graduating from RHS, she plans to pursue a spot on a Division I tennis team. Whenever she decides to step away from tennis, Stout said she plans to pursue a career in foreign diplomatic and political work in Europe.