Officers at the scene of a police shooting on I-65 Thursday, Jan. 27

Officers at the scene of a police shooting on I-65 Thursday, Jan. 27

Officers from three law enforcement agencies, including the Metro Nashville Police Department, fatally shot a man who was walking alongside I-65 south of downtown on Thursday afternoon. 

Details are minimal as of this writing, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is on the scene to investigate. The MNPD says that Metro officers, Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers and an off-duty Mt. Juliet officer fired at the man, who was 37 years old. Some outlets have reported, citing police, that he was carrying a boxcutter. 

A video of the incident obtained by WKRN shows the man surrounded by at least six law enforcement officers when he is shot. Traffic on I-65 was shut down near the Hogan Road exit following the shooting.

In another video posted to Facebook, police can be seen opening fire on the man after he raises his hand. More than 30 gunshots can be heard in a five-second span at the end of the clip, which can be seen here. (Warning: The footage is graphic.)

Update: The Metro Nashville Police Department has released what they call a "critical incident report" regarding Thursday's shooting. In the report — an eight-minute video uploaded to YouTube — MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron identifies the man who was shot by police as 37-year-old Landon Eastep. Footage from a body camera worn by Officer James Kidd shows Kidd and other officers talking to Eastep for several minutes after he was found sitting on a guardrail on the shoulder of I-65, pleading with him to "drop the knife, get your hand out of your pocket."

"If that's a gun, what you've got in there," says Kidd, "don't worry about it, we'll figure it out." Moments later, Eastep raises his hands and points them at the officer, though it is unclear in the footage if he is holding a weapon at that moment. That's when officers open fire, killing Eastep immediately. 

See the footage here. Warning: It is graphic.