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Jillian Johnston, a mixologist at O’ Be Joyful in Franklin, Tennessee, is hosting a virtual mixology class from her home for this Friday’s Home Page + Friends Happy Hour. The class will be live on the Williamson Home Page Facebook page Friday, April 17 at 6 p.m. 

Johnston has been in the mixology world for years and has lived and worked in Franklin for the last year and a half. Before that, she worked at Founders Brewery, learning the ins and outs of brewing beer.

She will be making three drinks, each a beer/liquor hybrid cocktail.

Strawberry Stella Spritz

straw stella.png

Stella Artois

1 oz gin

½ oz elderflower liqueur

2 cucumber slices

2 strawberries 

Muddle cucumber slices and strawberries in the bottom of shaker tin. Add gin and elderflower, shake with ice. Strain into flute glass (or wine glass + fresh ice! And top with Stella. Garnish with cucumber wheel and/or strawberry.

Bitten at Sunrise

bitten at.png


1 oz Campari

¾ oz lime juice

¼ oz dem

½ oz raspberry liqueur 

Pour Campari, lime, dem, and raspberry into shaker tin with ice. Shake and strain over fresh ice in snifter or tulip, top with juicy IPA and garnish with an orange slice.

2 Dogs Are Better Than 1

2 dogs version 2

Dos Perros

1 ½  oz mezcal

½  oz lime juice

3 jalapeños

Muddle 2-3 jalapeños (more or less, to taste) in bottom of shaker tin. Add mezcal and lime to your tin, shake with ice. Strain into your favorite margarita glass and top with Dos Perros. Garnish with lime wheel and tajin if you choose. *If you want a sweeter drink, add .25oz of dem or raspberry liqueur.