Moments with Birds

After spending years upon years of photographing birds and learning about all the species on a daily basis, Leipers Fork resident Nathan Collie has just released his latest book that includes photos of 172 different birds and all the details that describe them.

Titled Moments with Birds: A Bird Photographer’s Journey Through the Seasons, the book can be purchased through Collie’s website as well as through Amazon. It can also be found at the Copper Fox Gallery in Leipers Fork, where Collie will be signing copies of the book Sunday, Sept. 18, from 12-3 p.m. Copper Fox is located at 4136 Old Hillsboro Road.

Collie, who lives off Carters Creek Pike with his mom, artist and photographer Anne Goetze, and is the son of country music artist Mark Collie, grew up with a deep appreciation for the woods and wildlife, especially birds.

He always carried a camera during his visit to the woods, and he has made it his mission to bring an awareness of what many may take for granted — that is, a life of birds he has been able to capture through his lens and the countless photos he has collected.

Thus, the book.

“A lot of what I’ve learned being outdoors is, though I thought I knew a lot about what was in our woods, I realized there’s a lot more if you just pause and pay attention,” Collie said. “I made it my mission to capture the unseen and kind of share that with everyone.”

Moments with Birds is highlighted with photos of 172 birds from a wide range of species, many of which were photographed while he walked the woods on his own property. Collie also got many of his shots at Radnor Lake State Park and Warner Parks in Nashville, as well as several other locations across Tennessee.

In addition to the colorful photos, the book includes information on the individual birds shown in the pages, both those that are thriving and those in decline. Moments with Birds is also sprinkled with interesting anecdotes and personal stories from the photographer.