Kelly Gilfillan

This edition of the Home Page Guide to Williamson County is special to my heart because it honors the influencers for good in our county.

As I approach my retirement, I have been reflective on the place the Home Pages have played in our community. I want to pose the idea that our team at the Home Pages has had its own influence. In my 12 years as publisher, I’ve watched the readers we serve become better informed and as a result, more involved. 

The journalists with whom I’ve worked have been called to a job that is not easy. The job involves late hours covering meetings and chasing down sources. I’ve lost count of how many reporters we’ve hired, but I do know that each of them brought ambition, drive and ethics to the table. And when they face criticism from an unhappy reader, they handle it with grace.

Being a journalist or being in the news business in any position can be a thankless job. I’d love to see that change. If you appreciate learning about your city or county meetings, charity events, court cases and law enforcement agencies, consider thanking a reporter next time you see them. They will probably be speechless! 

I believe journalism is a noble profession and it’s taken a hit in the last 10 years. Local journalism is different from the national media. We know our towns and cities. We take the time to learn about everyone in our community. We know the people for whom we report. And we care about them too. 

We don’t always get to write positive stories like the ones we outline in these pages. I truly hope you enjoy these profiles about amazing people and the influence they’ve had on neighbors just like you.


Kelly Gilfillan