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As we move towards Labor Day, there is a noticeable difference in the amount of daylight in the evenings and as the temperatures and humidity start to become milder, spending time outside is about to become much more enjoyable! 

Now is a perfect time to add additional exterior lighting features or repair what you already have in preparation for those relaxing evenings outdoors.

Outdoor lighting does not need to be fancy or expensive. Consider where you will spend the most time in the evening, what features could benefit from additional illumination and whether you would like the light to shine up, down or a have a mixture of both. 

Walkways, patios, pools, decks, or pergolas are all good places to start. You could also emphasize large trees or other plants and fences.

Adding lights to your outdoor space doesn’t mean you need to immediately call the electrician. Start by replacing bulbs that may be burned out and cleaning the globes on current fixtures. 

Stringing up some simple Christmas lights in your favorite colors could also do the trick! There are a variety of string lights available in a range of prices and bulb styles. Changing your lighting scheme outdoors could also be as simple as changing the color of your current bulbs from “daylight” to a more natural “warm” tone. 

Lights can be powered by the sun, batteries or be directly wired to your home’s electrical panel. Just like your indoor lighting, a very popular outdoor lighting style is one that is layered. 

Try using lower wattage bulbs in sconces or other structural overhead fixtures and then adding additional layers of light with string lights, lamps or other small accent lights at ceiling, table or on the ground level. 

Just be sure to check that any bulbs or fixtures you purchase for outdoor use are rated as such and consult an electrician if you want to install new fixtures or make wiring changes to current fixtures that are or will be connected to your electrical panel. 

Making some simple updates to your outdoor lighting scheme is a quick and easy way to make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable this season.

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