It’s that time of year again, as Lipscomb Academy and Goodpasture renewed their rivalry in the Mustangs’ Homecoming game Friday night.

At the end of the day, another chapter was added to this storied matchup for two teams who have struggled recently as Lipscomb blew out Goodpasture at home, 63-21.

Both teams got off to a hot start, as Goodpasture scored on its first drive of the game with a 66 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Cooper Pennington to Darius Barksdale.

This would be the Cougars’ only lead of the game as the contest was a very close affair.

Both offenses traded touchdowns until about the third quarter as Lipscomb’s defense finally took over the ball game for a 21-point shutout in the fourth quarter to end the game.

This game was a little confusing for a number of reasons. One being that Lipscomb Academy lost the turnover battle tonight as they fumbled twice in the game, but ended up having more sacks than Goodpasture.

For the Lipscomb quarterback, Luther Richesson it was a good start that was slowed down by a couple of fumbles in the first half.

However, despite the mistakes Richesson made early on in the game, he stepped up when he needed to and kept Lipscomb in this game.

Richesson completed 16 out of 27 passes for 384 yards passing with five total touchdowns. Richesson would also have zero interceptions.

The number one target for Richesson tonight seemed to be Kyle McNamara who caught nine passes for 229 yards receiving while scoring three touchdowns on the evening.

McNamara’s performance helped the Mustangs put the game away in the third quarter as they got out to two score lead against the Cougars.

Another star for Lipscomb was once again the rushing performance by Jaden Lyles as he continues to have a monster season for the Mustangs. Lyles had 10 carries for 138 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

While this game looked like it was close from a spectator’s point of view, one of the main reasons pulled away was its offense.

Lipscomb ran 48 plays for 587 total yards of offense, while Goodpasture only had 247 from 56 plays. Another stat that tells you how this game went was the punting.

The Mustangs only needed to punt the ball once tonight, if that tells anything about how well the offense was clicking.

Lipscomb coach Trent Dilfer shared on his thoughts on the game and what it meant come out of it with a win.

“I know about this rivalry; both programs have been down recently,” Dilfer said. “They played had and threw their best stuff at us, but we knew that if we have the mentality of extreme effort, positive energy, and a team above self attitude that we would come out on top and we were able to do that.”

Dilfer added another win for Lipscomb in this rivalry which gives the Mustangs a two-game lead over the Cougars in the all-time standings.

Lipscomb’s next game will be away against former bitter rival the CPA Lions.

Can Lipscomb keep the momentum going against a CPA team that just shocked the county and shut out the Division II AA runner-up BGA?

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