Brentwood Fire and Rescue

Brentwood Fire and Rescue responded to two cardiac arrests over the weekend, including one incident that killed a man at Crockett Park on Saturday.

Brentwood Community Relations Manager Deanna Lambert confirmed in an email that an unidentified man in Crockett Park did not survive the medical emergency, which saw civilians issue aid to the man until first responders were dispatched to the incident.

Those unidentified citizens began administering CPR, while another retrieved an automated external defibrillator (AED) which is publicly available in the park. 

Brentwood Police officers were the first officials to arrive on the scene, and they also issued CPR until firefighters and paramedics took over the scene.

No other information about Saturday's incident was immediately available, and no information was immediately available about the other cardiac arrest call that BFR responded to over the weekend.

BFR is working to remind citizens that the summer heat and humidity can add further stress to the body when exercising, and CPR and early defibrillation are key to increasing a patient's rate of survival following sudden cardiac arrest.

In 2017, the city installed five AEDs across three parks following the death of another Brentwood resident. 

Those AEDs can be found at the restrooms at River Park, Tower Park and Crockett Park as well as at the Crockett Park concession stand between the baseball fields. 

The city and BFR also produced a video on how to use an AED which can be viewed in full below.

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