Maryland Way Greenway trail

Brentwood’s Maryland Way Greenway Trail phase one is complete bringing new opportunities for travel and leisure to residents just in time for the cooler weather and Fall colors.

The trail currently connects Powell Park to the Maryland Farms YMCA featuring a 10-foot wide paved trial for foot traffic or non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles, while utilizing other existing trails.

Chairman of Bike Walk Brentwood Richard Hunter said in a phone call that the trail is already getting plenty of use by residents and that the addition will ease traffic and boost quality of life for residents, even saying that the trail could benefit future programs like bike sharing.

“This is a trail that helps us put more connective on the western side of I-65 in Brentwood,” Hunter said. “It connects two parks, it connects a YMCA, certainly a number of neighborhoods and a number of business to allow [people] to walk to lunch or take traffic off the streets.” 

Commissioner Nelson Andrews touted the progress in Monday night's City Commission meeting saying that while some construction is underway at Powell Park, Tractor Supply, which sits near the trial, has invited visitors to the trail to use the Tractor Supply parking lot.

The trail was first pitched to the city in 2015 by the Bicycle Pedestrian Ad Hoc Committee and paving for phase 1 was approved by the City Commission in July after a 4-3 vote. 

Phase 2 would see the trail ultimately lead to the Hill Center, one of Brentwood’s premier shopping centers, but that isn’t expected to be complete until Spring of 2020 at the earliest, as Hunter said that money is still being raised from private companies for the final phase.

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