Barry Zarculia mug shot

Barry Zarculia as seen in a booking photo from a previous arrest by the Metro Nashville Police Department in October of 2020.

A Nashville man who was arrested in 2020 for cyberstalking has been sentenced to three years in federal prison.

As previously reported, 55-year-old Barry Zarculia was arrested in November 2020 and indicted on four counts of cyberstalking after prosecutors said that he made death threats, threatened serious bodily harm, and/or harassed, intimidated and stalked multiple victims through his use of an Instagram account.

That complaint alleged that Zarculia used the @songs_in_the_key_of_z Instagram handle to post "hateful, racist, anti-black messages on their public message board," including "black lives don’t matter," as well as posting that he wished that a terrorist attack similar to the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre would occur in Nashville.
They also charge that Zarculia received negative feedback from other social media users about his comments and later posted a photograph of one individual’s house, as well as information about the person's family whereabouts, among other offenses. 
According to an updated Department of Justice news release, Zarculia pleaded guilty to the charges in November 2021 and will now serve prison time for his crimes.