Williamson Medical Group Surgical Services has opened a new facility on the Williamson Medical Center campus, a clinic that is double the size of the former location with additional capacity to better serve patients during this time when social distancing is so important.

“We are very excited about our new surgery suite at Williamson Medical Center,” Dr. Dustin Smith said in a press release sent by WMC Monday. “We’ve been looking forward to this for over a year now. It’s beautiful, convenient and right above the operating rooms and attached to the surgical floor of the hospital.”

A video tour of the new clinic including interviews from general surgeons welcoming and encouraging patients to schedule needed procedures has been released.  

“When we started putting the plans in place for the new office, no one envisioned this would be how we would open up,” Dr. Timothy Johnson said. “Now that people need to be 6 feet apart from each other, having extra space is certainly key for that. Staff and patients are also being screened with questionnaires, temperatures, things like that before they come inside. It’s as safe in here as it is out there, possibly even safer here.”

Now that the state has approved hospitals to resume elective surgeries, Williamson Medical Group surgeons are also reminding patients of the importance of rescheduling previously canceled appointments. 

“We went basically from a very busy elective practice also offering emergency general surgery to one where elective surgeries had to be suspended for safety and to flatten the curve in trying to keep people safe,” said Dr. Ysela Carillo. “The unfortunate thing in continuing to delay appointments is that a simple problem where you may be able to have surgery and go home later that day or the next day, can turn it into a potentially life-threatening situation where you could be in the hospital for many days, even weeks.”

The Williamson Medical General Surgery office is located in Suite 500 of Williamson Tower, adjacent to Williamson Medical Center on 4323 Carothers Parkway. The location offers more convenient parking in the adjoining garage, also allowing for easier access to other Williamson Medical Center services such as the laboratory and imaging department.

For information or to schedule an appointment call 615-794-8900. 

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