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From washing clothes to taking out the garbage, Tessa Robert and her team of assistants at INJOY are nearly ready to start helping Williamson County residents with a variety of household chores.

Robert is currently making preparations and providing preregistration for the service she expects to fully launch by mid- to late March through the startup she has named INJOY

“All Williamson County residents can preregister to become a member,” Robert said. “In mid-March we will match assistants with the clients in their homes and begin the bookings.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic having brought more stress to households and overwhelming family members over the past year, and continuing to do so, Robert recognized the need many throughout the county might have these days.

Tessa Robert

Tessa Robert demonstrates the kind of household chores her company INJOY can do for Williamson County residents.

“We offer personal assistance for everyday household tasks,” she said, “things you would do every day to keep the house smooth and in order.

“INJOY is a solution to the hectic effects COVID has had on families,” Robert added. “With more people working and learning from home, the demand for household help has only gone up. Families are making more dishes and laundry than ever before. INJOY offers a solution for families to stress less and do more of what they love.”

Robert’s entrepreneurial light bulb came from when she worked as a missionary in developing countries a number of years ago. 

“I had this ah-ha moment,” she explained. “In these Third World countries are huge communities where people help others with all these household duties. When I came back to the States and became a mother, I thought we also have all this work to do and we’re in a home by ourselves. All that responsibility falls on us.”

At the time, she was working as a personal assistant for a family in her neighborhood, and “I felt there has to be a bigger need than just one family who would like some work around the house,” she said. 

“If we can come in and do more tedious, mundane things for them, it will give them more time to be with their families.”

The household chores INJOY assistants engage in are many and varied. The list includes laundry help, food prep, tidying, organizing, light housekeeping, moving help, party/holiday help and odd jobs (watering plants, sorting mail, taking out the trash, etc.)

Visit the website for INJOY to get more information and to preregister for service. Williamson County residents get a 25% discount on membership.

“We’re excited to be opening and serving families in our community,” Robert said.

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