MOOYAH (Louisiana)

A MOOYAH in Houma, Louisiana. Photo courtesy of MOOYAH

A Texas burger chain plans to open a new location in the Hill Center in Brentwood next year.

MOOYAH is a fast casual burger restaurant from Plano, Texas with 72 locations in the U.S. The Brentwood location will be the company’s first location in Middle Tennessee.

There is a MOOYAH in Knoxville, and several in Alabama.

Nashville resident Martin Arguello has signed a franchise deal to open three restaurants in the area.

“We just want to have a strong foothold in the Middle Tennessee market,” he said.

He expects the Brentwood restaurant to open in late spring or early summer next year. After that restaurant is up and running, he hopes to open a location in Franklin and Nashville, but he hasn’t identified exact locations for those restaurants yet.

MOOYAH Chief Operating Officer Tony Darden said the company hopes to eventually open nine restaurants in the Middle Tennessee region. A press release estimates those restaurants would generate 180 jobs.

Arguello said opening the first three restaurants could take several years. Once those are established, he said he would consider opening more locations.

Darden said it’s usually beneficial to open multiple franchise restaurants when entering a new market. That allows the company to get immediate name recognition.

“The three store deal represents a very strong entrance into the Nashville market,” he said.

This is Arguello’s first franchise, but he said he’s confident the concept will do well in Williamson County because of the quality of the food.

“The quality of the food is what people in Nashville are asking for,” he said. “The three markets that we’re going after demand a better product compared to the quick service area. In these markets people are demanding higher quality fast casual experiences.”

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