After Brentwood Home Page posted an article about a mysteriously abandoned house on Wilson Pike, a reader reached out for BHP to find out the story behind another vacant house: this one on the corner of Wilson Pike Circle and Church Street East.

The property, officially located at 152 Wilson Pike Circle, is a small residential structure amongst Brentwood’s bustling north commercial district filled with office building and mixed-use developments.

The property extends from Wilson Pike Circle to Frierson Street, with frontage on Church Street East.

A Williamson County property assessor clerk told BHP that the building was built in 1952, and the current property owners are listed as Alva A. and Lavada M. Duffield.

Outside the house, a sign marks the property for sale, but the seemingly out of place nature of the 1.12-acre tract has left many residents wondering what the story behind the house is.

BHP contacted John Gifford, the realtor handling the property for Colliers International, who said the house has been vacant and unused for the last 20 years.

He said the property has long been on the market, but Alva Duffield didn’t want to outright sell the land. Instead, he wanted a long-term land lease, where a developer can build what they chose, but ultimately do not own the property.

“It was a very difficult to find someone sophisticated enough to develop something on a grant lease, where the people develop but the property remains with the family.”

However, Gifford said Alva recently died, and his wife and family have chosen to outright sell the land. He said already the tract is under contract. According to Colliers International’s website, the property has a $3,200,000 selling price.

Gifford couldn’t provide the details of the developer’s intent for future use as the deal just went under contract. The property is zoned C-4, which allows office, retail and restaurant use.

Due to the site’s rather small acreage, it’s unclear what could actually be built there – especially after the Brentwood City Commission passed several resolutions creating stricter regulations for projects built in Town Center.

As part of those newly adopted ordinances, all residential use within Town Center is prohibited. Planning and Codes Director Jeff Dobson confirmed to BHP that the house is not grandfathered for any residential use.