The number of COVID-19 cases at Williamson Medical Center has increased over the last several weeks, tracking closely with a statewide increase in illnesses and hospitalizations. 

Currently about 80% of the hospital’s 20 intensive care beds are occupied, and about 70% of the hospital’s 203 general beds are occupied. In a press release, Williamson Medical Center noted that the majority of the ICU patients do not have COVID-19.

In normal years, less than 50% of staffed hospital beds are occupied at Williamson Medical Center on an average day, according to data from the Tennessee Department of Health.

The occupancy at Williamson Medical Center is similar to the rest of the state. On Wednesday, the state health department reported that 80% of ICU and inpatient beds were occupied in Tennessee.

The increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations mirrors statewide trends. The number of active COVID-19 cases in Tennessee has risen about 37% in the last week. The state reported an all-time high of 16,400 active cases on Wednesday, with more than 500 people hospitalized. 

Williamson County reported 135 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, a new high for the county. The jump in cases on Thursday is almost twice the number reported just a day before, which was also a record high.

Before the recent spike, the number of COVID-19 cases at Williamson Medical Center had been declining for about six weeks, including several weeks with no hospitalizations related to the virus.

Williamson Medical Center says it does have surge plans that allow the hospital to quickly increase ICU bed count and capacity if necessary.

The hospital has instituted a screening process for patients, staff and visitors entering the facility. Everyone in the facility is required to wear a mask and visitation has been reduced.

In a press release, the hospital urged patients not to delay routine or urgent health care, adding that telehealth is available in many scenarios.    

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