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For two or three weeks in August, commuters who travel Edmondson Pike along the border between Brentwood and Nashville will need to allow a little more time to get where they’re going.

Beginning Aug. 5 and possibly lasting until around Aug. 23, road construction will take place near where Edmondson intersects at a three-way stop with Holt Road, creating the necessity for a detour. Bell & Associates Construction is handling the project for Metro Nashville Public Works.

The route is considered to have moderate to heavy traffic, with heavier times obviously during morning and evening rush hours.

“It will be kind of a burden on traffic,” said Cody Pratt, project manager for Bell & Associates. “We would like to get done with the project earlier (than Aug. 23), and we’ll be working toward that.”

Conditions could also be worsened by the start of Williamson County Schools on Aug. 9. Edmondson Elementary is within the portion of Edmondson Pike where detours will be necessary.

“The school buses will probably just cut through the neighborhood,” Pratt said. “It wouldn’t be that much of a difference. It would probably be about a two-mile detour for a school bus.”

For those traveling south on Edmondson, the detour takes traffic left on Hold Road out to Nolensville Pike. Turn right onto Nolensville Pike and go to where it intersects with Concord Road, and then take a right on Concord. Those traveling east on Concord Road would need to follow it out to Nolensville Pike, where they will take a left and then another left onto Holt Road.

According to the work order, there are several locations of pavement cracking and settlement associated with the embankment erosion on the west side of Edmondson Pike. There is also a retaining wall that has started to rotate out of plane adjacent to the culvert inlet located approximately 300 feet south of Holt Road.

Due to the dilapidated stone retaining wall with subsequent embankment erosion, asphalt cracking, and asphalt spalling, the stone retaining wall will be removed and replaced with reinforced concrete wingwalls.

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