The National Football League informed teams on Thursday to anticipate training camps to begin on time next month, according to Jeff Pash, NFL executive vice president and general counsel.

Training camps are expected to begin toward the end of July, Pash told owners on a conference call. He said the NFL is having active discussions about how to proceed after training camps begin and the league “expects to have some resolution relatively soon and will advise the clubs at that time.”

“I think that’s between the league and the players’ union, the length of training camp,” Titans GM Jon Robinson said on June 11. “I know those last couple of weeks, it gets long. That’s where those joint practices really help because you’ve got the time leading up to your first preseason game. You can get some work in against another team, which we can’t do now. But those are always good because A, it gives us a chance to evaluate another team, but it gives our guys, they get to go against another guy and kind of see how they measure up that way.

“The length of training camp and how long we’ve got to go through different stages of that, we’re really just kind of waiting to get kind of a firm answer on where that’s going to be.”

The NFL and NFLPA have also held discussions about shortening the 2020 preseason. The Pro Football Hall of Fame already canceled the Hall of Fame preseason game that was scheduled for Aug. 8. And the Hall of Fame induction ceremony was pushed back to 2021.

“I don’t know what’s going to become of shortening — are we going to play four?” Robinson said. “Are we going to play two? Are we going to play three? We’re kind of waiting on the league to make a determination on that. But those preseason games, they’re extremely important for those guys that are on the roster bubble, that are kind of clamoring for spots.

“But also, these rookie free agents and evaluating those guys, we’ll have to be extremely creative. Maybe go back and watch some of their college film to see is there anything that we see in however many preseason games that they play in that they might be a help for our football team.”

The NFL is working on finalizing COVID-19 testing and screening procedures and treatment protocols and is currently still planning on a Sept. 10 start date. The owners also agreed on Thursday to section off seats closest to the field in each stadium to enforce social distancing protocols during games. Additionally, changes to roster rules are also being discussed to account for players who test positive for the coronavirus.

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