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None of us have ever experienced what’s going on right now. We’ve been working nonstop to make sure you know the most about what’s going on in your communities — from the first patient confirmed with COVID-19 in the county to school cancellations to how this virus is affecting the economy and tourism.

We all hope this pandemic is as short-lived as possible so that your lives and jobs can go back to normal. All of us at the Williamson Home Page want to extend to you hopes of health and safety. Just as you are thinking about what this means for your family and life, we are too.


For the past decade, our various online news sites have provided a credible source of important information, and we will to continue to do that through this public health crisis. Your readership has been invaluable and your trust in us means everything.

Our customers who trust us with their advertising are also suffering and we hope you will support them in any way you are able. We are doing our part by easing their burden.


The Home Pages are the only news outlet serving Williamson County that has seven editorial team members working to bring you the daily news. It's a big commitment on our part and a daily investment in serving you and we have remained a free open source for all readers.

Just as this pandemic has affected other local businesses, it is affecting our locally-owned and managed business as well. We are continuing to send out twice-daily emails throughout the week and one each day on the weekend. Our staff is committed to bringing you the news as it happens in your community each day.


In an attempt to recover some of the great amounts of advertising revenue we've lost because of the coronavirus pandemic hitting at the same time that media organizations across the country have already been struggling, we have launched a membership campaign to help stave off these major losses.

We were planning on launching this campaign later this year, but present circumstances have increased our urgency. Once this passes, we want to make sure we’ll still be here with you. And we appreciate your support.

If you’d like to pay for our service — for the stories and photographs and editing that our staff creates daily — we can’t think of a better time than now.

Wishing you the best,

Kelly Gilfillan | Publisher

Amanda Haggard | Managing Editor

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