Lanny McGowan

Lanny McGowan, who spent years as a staple in the Nolensville baseball community, died Wednesday morning. 

The former Ravenwood High School baseball assistant varsity coach and longtime Nolensville youth baseball coach spent years building up the local baseball scene, coaching young athletes in America's pastime. 

The Ravenwood baseball Twitter page confirmed news of his death Wednesday evening. 

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to McGowan family," the message shared. 

McGowan played and coached in the area for roughly 67 years and led a Nolensville Little League team to a state title and to the Little League World Series in 1984.

A baseball field at the Williamson County Recreation Complex at Nolensville is named in McGowan's honor, cementing the impact he had on the community. 

McGowan was also known for his collection of classic cars, which included old Ford cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. He would share them with his Nolensville neighbors in parades and lawn shows.

He is survived by his wife, Lois, children Buddy and Mary Beth, and grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time.