Steelhead to build retail phase of Savannah Ridge project

Brentwood-based Steelhead Building Group announced that it has started construction of Phase I of The Marketplace at Savannah Ridge in Murfreesboro.

The project is a retail development designed by MJM Architects for 24 acres owned by BSM Properties. Currently undeveloped, the land rounds the intersection of U.S. Highway 231 and Joe B. Jackson Parkway. Steelhead announced intentions to build a multi-building retail complex via three phases of construction, and Phase I includes two 6,000-square-foot retail buildings.

“We are excited to get underway with this project,” said Steelhead Principal James Pollard. “It’s going to completely transform a previously untouched area in the city, and we hope it’ll be a catalyst for other development around it.”

The retail center will be built around an Aldi grocery store scheduled to open by November. Other retail spaces have been committed for lease, and their construction is scheduled to finish by the end of the year. None of their commercial tenants have yet been named publicly.

David Baker, principal broker at BSM Properties, noted the aim of the project is to provide “a neighborhood-focused shopping center,” a goal with which they trusted the Brentwood developer.

“We’re also thrilled to be working with Steelhead Building Group, who we have a longstanding relationship with. They are adept at project management, and they do great work.”

Two new realtors to Fridrich & Clark Realty

Steve Fridrich of Fridrich & Clark Realty announced the addition of Realtors Kim Pennington and Lindsay Wells to the firm.

“We are pleased to add Kim’s broad educational, marketing and human relations skills and Lindsay’s extensive real estate experience to our firm,” said Fridrich, broker and managing partner of the firm.

Both realtors will operate out of the firm’s Brentwood office. They are members of the National Association of Realtors and the Tennessee Association of Realtors. Wells, however, is also a member of the Williamson County Association of Realtors whereas Pennington is member to Greater Nashville Realtors.

Founded in 1966, Fridrich and Clark is now Williamson County’s largest, homegrown firm with its 185 agents.

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