Vaco, Pivot Point Consulting to launch LinkedIn series

Brentwood-based personnel and consulting firm Vaco and sister company Pivot Point Consulting are launching on Jan. 26 a LinkedIn Live series that showcases female business leaders.

“Be HER(d)” is a bi-weekly livestream that will follow a Q&A format, according to a release. Each episode will last 19 minutes (in honor of the 19thAmendment that gave women the right to vote).

“Be HER(d)” conversations will include executive leaders from BDSI, GE Aviation and Stanford Children’s Hospital. Rachel Marano, co-founder and managing partner of Pivot Point Consulting, will host the series.

“I am proud that Vaco and Pivot Point Consulting have created a platform that spotlights amazing changemakers who have insight for anyone in a leadership position or anyone aspiring to lead,” Marano said in a release. “I am honored to be part of the conversation to share their stories.”

Reliant Bank wins award

Brentwood-based Reliant Bank has been named 2020 Service Supplier of the Year by the Mississippi Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), a trade group representing retailers, service suppliers and manufacturers.

Reliant Bank’s Manufactured Housing Division is based in Knoxville and home to 32 employees. The division serves 4,125 customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. It is led by Alex Ponzio, senior vice president of specialized lending, and Jamey Gheen, vice president of specialized lending.

Reliant Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliant Bancorp Inc., which operates banking centers in Cheatham, Davidson, Hamilton, Hickman, Maury, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner and Williamson counties and a specialized lending division in Knox County, Tennessee.

This post originally appeared in our partner publication, the Nashville Post

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