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The new middle school on Henpeck Lane will have one of the three names on a list of finalists to be submitted to Williamson County Schools Superintendent Jason Golden and then to the Board of Education.

Currently under construction near Oak View Elementary School, the district’s 49th school will be called Oak View, Oakstead or Legacy Middle School when it opens in August. The name will be decided by a vote of school board members at their next regular meeting Tuesday, Jan. 21.

A naming committee consisting of WCS staff, school board members, county commissioners, and administrators narrowed the selections in a meeting at the district’s central office Wednesday afternoon.

Alicia Justice, who was hired as the new school’s principal last June, said regardless of which name is chosen, it will be the right fit. She has been a part of the community for some time.

“I absolutely love all three names,” Justice said. “So any of those names chosen by our school board — which I trust to deliver us a wonderful name — any one of those three will be fantastic.

“My son went to Oak View Elementary beginning in 2009, and he is now a sophomore at Independence High, … and my daughter was also there all of her elementary career and is now a seventh grader at Thompson’s Station Middle. So my family has been invested in that community for a really long time. Oak View has been a big part of our life.”

Using the names that had been submitted by the community at large over the past several weeks, each of the 11 committee members selected their favorite three names at Wednesday’s meeting. Others considered included Henpeck, Crossroads, Valor, Victory and Strong Oak.

Some 120 suggestions for names were submitted by parents and others in the community. An overwhelming majority, 82, picked Oak View as the name, while 30 recommended Henpeck. Some names were a bit inventive — Ocean, Chicken Little and Ryan Tannehill, to name a few. 

Leigh Webb, WCS assistant superintendent, Secondary Education, chaired the committee. In addition to Justice, others were board members Dan Cash, Nancy Garrett and KC Haugh; County Commissioners Betsy Hester, Judy Herbert and Dana Ausbrooks; Denise Goodwin, WCS assistant superintendent, Elementary Education; Amy Stephenson, principal at Oak View Elementary; Kathy Wells, principal at Winstead Elementary; Niki Patton, principal at Independence High; and Meghan Sanders, principal at Centennial High.

The board is expected to consider the three names at its work session Thursday, Jan. 16, and vote on the name the following Tuesday.

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