Numotion HQ

The biggest mobility products and services provider of the national complex rehab tech sector has furthered a series of strategic moves in the last two quarters by becoming a distributor for a younger firm’s innovative tech.

Brentwood’s Numotion — a national champion of the CRT space — announced Tuesday that it signed an agreement with Toronto-based Braze Mobility, the developer of cost-effective, patent-pending blind spot sensors for wheelchairs, to distribute Braze’s sensors, which are compatible with Numotion’s own products. Physicians, therapists and customers can now contact the nearest of Numotion’s 150 locales for additional information about these products.

A commonly perilous, statistical anomaly for the majority of powered chair users has historically been major collisions with injuries that can lead to hospitalization in addition to wheelchair damage and other property damage. Accidents like these also often lead users to write off wheelchairs of any kind, powered or not.

Braze’s product addresses the issue by transforming powered chairs into smart wheelchairs that automatically detect obstacles and alert users via lights, sounds and vibrations. The solution comes from more than a decade of user-centric research and published, peer-reviewed studies.

“We are thrilled to offer this innovative technology to our ATPs and customers,” said John Pryles, executive vice president of sales at Numotion. “Braze Blind Spot Sensors were designed to increase the overall spatial awareness of the person using the system and can be used to help people perform activities of daily living with their wheelchair — all while improving mobility, access and independence for users.”

CRT companies have endeavored to solve this problem for a long time, as evidenced by Nashville startup, LUCI, developer of a novel power chair accessory that combines camera, radar and ultrasonic data sets to make a 360-degree panoramic view — one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020. Numotion similarly added that product to its inventory last year also and now diversifies its offerings in the same market segment with Braze’s sensors.

“This partnership will help manual and powered wheelchair users across the country gain access to and benefit from the Braze Blind Spot Sensors,” according to Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, Braze Mobility CEO and co-founder. “We strongly believe in empowering users by increasing their spatial awareness while leaving them fully in control, and are excited to be partnering with a company that shares our vision.”

This follows Numotion’s acquisition of medical supplies company Wheeler’s Medical Supply by a mere three weeks. The Jacksonville, Fl.-based supplier provides incontinence supplies like catheters, and their offerings add to Numotion’s already robust inventory of disposable medical supplies.

Relatedly, the distribution deal comes three months after Numotion partnered with Team Gleason Foundation — a nonprofit founded by retired New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason — to proliferate access to products for those living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.