Brentwood-based Numotion announced Monday its new partnership to improve access to its products for those living with ALS.

America’s biggest provider of mobility products and services in the complex rehabilitation technology space has partnered with retired New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason’s nonprofit, Team Gleason Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of people living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The deal spans five years during which Numotion will serve as Team Gleason’s “preferred CRT provider” for critical equipment for those living with ALS in the U.S. need.

This means Numotion will provide Team Gleason with all the requisite products and services to fulfill the needs Team Gleason meets and has been meeting for those with ALS, having provided 400 wheelchair lifts through specifically Numotion in 2020 and already being on track to distribute more than that this year. Gleason has also provided about $15 million-worth of assistive technology to date since its founding in 2011.

“We are honored and excited to partner with Team Gleason,” said Mike Swinford, Numotion CEO. “Team Gleason’s impact on ALS awareness and advocacy is immeasurable. We share their deep commitment to improving the lives of those living with ALS and their families. In 2020 alone, Numotion served more than 1,000 individuals with ALS. Through this partnership, we will be able to impact even more people living with the disease.”

This partnership also brings the Peer2Peer ALS Council, a body formed between Numotion and Team Gleason to “provide expert oversight and advice for operating and accepting new technologies, funding processes and contributing clinical expertise,” said Blair Casey, Team Gleason’s chief impact officer in a press release. “This partnership extends from input in Team Gleason’s Wheelchair Guide to the creation of educational videos, as well as advocating for issues relevant to the ALS community. I am confident this collaboration will fast-track emerging accessible solutions for all.”

This comes about four months after Numotion acquired Ohio-based SpinLife.Com — the dominant e-commerce provider in the American assistive technology space — and thereby added its annual customer base of 80,000 to its preexisting base of 260,000. Swinford haș characterized the acquisition as an ideal way to secure a mass of new customers who are able to afford their product. A partnership with Team Gleason Foundation offers a similar potential.

“Living with ALS or any disease is not easy, and I often say it takes a village. Numotion is part of the journey to help me and others with ALS to remain independent,” said Steve Gleason. “From my eight years of experience with Numotion, they have always been respectful, accountable and have put my needs first. I am excited that Team Gleason’s preferred CRT provider is Numotion. With the right care, technology and equipment, people can live a long time with ALS. Numotion’s goals are much like ours and together we will continue to find the best solutions for independence.”

Gleason founded his nonprofit after being diagnosed with ALS himself. He aims to improve the lives of all those who have the disease by providing the best possible medical equipment through the foundation. Team Gleason applied 82 percent of the donations it received in 2019 toward program services, including the provision of these products.