Nutrition club Digg That Nutrition will open in Brentwood with a ribbon cutting ceremony next month as a ministry targeting public school athletic departments.

LaJuan and Erica Diggs — a Middle Tennessee realtor with Benchmark Realty and Franklin Road Academy track and field coach respectively — announced June 24 that they will host the grand opening for Digg That Nutrition in the Brentwood strip plaza at 7020 Church Street East in suite 10, situated behind Local Taco. As chamber members, the Diggs expect to enlist Williamson Inc. to organize the ribbon cutting ceremony.

While the shop will open to everyone, they cite the financial restraints of public schools and the impact that has on their athletic programs as the impetus for them opening the new store.

Erica Diggs witnessed the effects of such shortfalls at many schools, having been at one time responsible for as many as 22 Davidson County schools in her ongoing capacity as regional ambassador for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Her husband, an East Nashville native, was spurred to action by his firsthand experience at Maplewood High School in the 1990s.

“In her visits to these schools, she was exposed to a lot of the same financial needs in athletic departments that I experienced when I attended Maplewood,” LaJuan Diggs said of his wife who has also coached track and field at Franklin Road Academy for the past decade. “Some students and teams don’t have the proper equipment, uniforms, money for team meals […] and Digg That Nutrition would like to sponsor various schools through donations received at the shop.”

The nutrition club aims to include gym equipment, but has been held up by permit requirements.

Digg That Nutrition will feature protein meal replacement shakes, frappés, energy teas along with pre- and post-workout products certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. It will also offer nutritional training and entrepreneurial seminars for many of the high school students from target schools. The store aims to schedule toddler days where parents can enjoy shakes, community outreach events, fitness training, nutrition education and other activities while placing their children in “story time.”

“We’re selling more than nutrition,” Diggs said. “We will serve as a ministry for the community by creating a safe haven for those in the area to enjoy nutritious products in an atmosphere that makes you want to return daily.”

The business model ambitiously fills the nexus of post-pandemic sectors struggling to recover from the effects of the quarantine economy yet also pursues philanthropic community engagement and espouses to invoke Christian values into its process. Self-owned, pre-pandemic restaurants nationwide are struggling disproportionately to reopen and re-staff, and childcare centers have similarly struggled to staff and operate. Digg That dips into both spaces without fully taking on all the services and logistics they can involve, but it concentrates on fitness while gyms still enforce pandemic regulations still in place since reopening in large numbers well over a year ago.

The Diggs, already Maplewood High donors, want their shop to gather and centralize local athletes for communal support of everyone’s fitness journeys, so LaJuan Diggs has committed to sponsoring community athletics by partnering with certain local schools including Maplewood, Franklin Road Academy and Tennessee State University.

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