Ravenwood (1-1-2) and Overton (1-2-0) battled in the cold at Ravenwood high school as Middle Tennessee soccer is underway for many teams.

Ravenwood came out very strong in this game after their offense looked a little inconsistent at times after the first few games.

All in all, the Raptors came out on top in this one with a 5-1 victory. The story of the game was that this ties the number of goals they had scored leading up to this game.

“We scored as many goals tonight as we have all season,” said Ravenwood coach Adam Harris. “The other side of it is, we shouldn’t have gave that goal up. I want them to be happy, I want them to win, but we’ve got to fix the stuff on the back end.”

The game was deadlocked at 0 until the 34th minute in the first half. Ravenwood used a corner kick to get some good ball movement and find the back of the net after the shot from Zavien Baron.

The Raptors didn’t take too much time in scoring its second goal just four minutes later in the 38th minute. Amir Alinejad found the back of the net after some good passing from their set piece.

Both of the Raptors' first two goals came from set pieces, which is another thing that the Raptors have been missing lately.

“We’ve talked about it and worked on it a little bit,” said Harris. “The biggest thing previously is that the quality just wasn’t there. The boys did a good job of focusing on it, and the quality was better today.”

Not much happened in the second half in terms of scoring until the 66th minute as Overton got a goal. The Bobcats finally got some momentum after trailing for most of the game as they found the back of the net on a breakaway chance.

Ravenwood didn’t let Overton have the momentum for long as they scored just two minutes later. Jayden Chisolm scored after some nice passing into the box.

The last two goals for the Raptors would be scored by Mateo Garay and Andrew Michael within just a few seconds of each other in the 71st and 73rd minutes to earn their first home win of the season.

“That was great,” said Harris. “I was embarrassed and the boys were embarrassed after the Centennial game. They came out and wanted to make a little bit of a statement. It was also our first home game, and they were super excited about it and that showed with the energy tonight.”

The Raptors will have to continue this form that they’re if they want to do well in the upcoming district games, including one against Franklin. 

“The momentum is good to start with this game, and they’ve just got to keep it going,” said Harris. “We’ve got tough games coming up for the whole month of April. Hopefully this is a good starting spot for them. I want them to not be happy with just this game and keep it going.”

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