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Deer Run Camps & Retreats in Thompson’s Station announced Thursday that it is canceling all its 2020 summer camps as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes after the nonprofit Christian ministry camp had closed temporarily when 35 staff members had tested positive in late May. All staff members were placed under a 14-day quarantine beginning May 31. 

According to a post on the Deer Run Facebook page, camp officials wrestled with the decision before agreeing that closing would be in the best interest of campers, their families and staff.

“In light of our experience with the COVID-19 virus,” the post reads, “and after countless hours of prayer for wisdom and discernment, planning and discussions, we do not believe that we can provide an excellent summer camp experience at this time and control the potential spread of this virus to camper family members who may be most vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, Deer Run’s senior director has shown slight improvement since he was hospitalized with COVID-19 and double pneumonia earlier this month. Fred Reyes was put on a ventilator June 13, according to a Facebook post from his wife, Sharon Reyes, but she said in a post Thursday that doctors have turned off his ventilator and he is breathing on his own.

“We are so thankful for this news, but he still has a long way to go,” she said in her post. “They are not removing his tube until he is more awake and able to do simple commands. Pray this happens in the next day or two.”

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