This story has been updated as of Thursday, Aug. 20, with comment from Franklin High School. 

With preps football on the horizon, many are wondering how attendance might be impacted at the typically highly attended games. 

The TSSAA did not put out standard attendance rules for the state's school systems, but did recommend all schools limit capacity for attendance. 

Williamson County Schools seems to be doing just that, with various county schools enacting limited ticketing policies for Friday's upcoming slate of home games. 

Franklin High's policy, unveiled this week, has already drawn a bit of controversy from the school's student population. 

The school has opted for a lottery system that gives the entire student population a chance at one of the 154 student section tickets. 

In this system, 77 students are selected, and they each get a plus-one. The lottery will reveal who gets tickets to Friday's home game versus Siegel Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. 

Some frustration has surfaced from FHS students and the community that the school's seniors have not been offered priority ticketing. 

Change.com petition on the very issue titled "Franklin High Seniors should get priority tickets for football games" sprung up soon after the announcement, one that has amassed 570 signatures as of publication and sees more being added. 

"Franklin High School came out with their plan of distributing tickets for football games," the petition reads. "It is a random lottery that includes NO priority for seniors. Many other schools in Williamson County have announced their plans that are similar but INCLUDE senior priority.

"We will adhere to social distancing and wear masks but we believe SENIORS SHOULD HAVE PRIORITY TICKETS FOR THE FOOTBALL GAMES, given it is their last year and last opportunities to go to these games." 

Some folks chimed in for the comments section as to why they signed the petition.

"I’m signing because I love going to football games and this is my last year to cheer on some of my friends who I may not see for a very long time and get to spend Friday nights with people I’ve known since 3rd grade," Max Ponce shared.

"My daughter has waited her turn to lead the student section!!!!," Wendy Carnes shared for her reason to signing. "Seniors should have priority!!!" 

Franklin High School Principal Shane Pantall says that he's been pleased with the school's process to get tickets ready for games. 

"We have worked really hard to safely accommodate as many students, parents, and fans as possible for our home games," Pantall says. "This has not been an easy task but our athletic director, Jay Johnson, assistant principal, Toby Ruth, and football booster club president, Barbara Spierto have done a great job preparing for the first game." 

As far as the petition, Pantall had this to offer. 

"I’ve never started a petition so I would assume that if I were to start one, I’d meet with the principal first," he said.

One hundred general admission seats will be sold to FHS games for the North End Zone, and the school encourages those who wish to attend to bring their own chair with a maximum of four per family unit allowed. 

Any available seating at FHS games will go on sale to the public Wednesday.

Other WCS high schools like Centennial, Nolensville, Independence and Page will be the county's first to host football games this season with restrictions in place for attendance due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A look at social media shows schools like Centennial and Nolensville are selling tickets through the school, with CHS's student section Twitter account sharing that seniors would get first priority.

Nolensville assistant principal Bryant Gunter says that priority for tickets will be for participating families and students, with the public able to access what's left online Thursday. 

Summit, who plays at Indy Friday, seems to be doing a season pass system for students. Friday's Battle of 840 at Page will see tickets go on sale Thursday and says the stadium will be at one third capacity. The school shared its ticketing and distancing plan here

Indy, Brentwood and Ravenwood don't have publicly listed football ticketing policies on social media as of now, with the latter two away this week, but they all likely have internal policies for students. 

The county uses GoFan to sell its tickets to athletic events. 

This story originally said that this week's Page/Fairview game was at Fairview. It has since been corrected. 

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